First Post of 2012

Happy New Year everyone. Learn some tricks, make some money, and stay healthy this year. Stay positive and keep the hate to a minimum. Ball forever.

No better way to start the new year off than a new spot. (It should probably be called the Late Show Ledges or the Letterman Ledges, right?) Haven’t had a chance to see if it’s a bust yet, but we have all year to figure that out. Some big cities go years without seeing a new spot…we get a few built every year. New York is pretty sick sometimes.

Round two of Death Video throwaways (part one here.) A legit frontside wallride over the five at Trump Tower isn’t exactly a throwaway though. Also, we’re utterly disgusted by the anti-night stance taken by some of the comments under the video. Skating during the day is for pre-teens.

Quick Transworld interview with Jimmy McDonald that discusses “the enigma of Quartersnacks,” among other things. There are some solid photos in there too.

A bunch of Europeans murdering every single spot in New York: Part one, part two. Credit goes to them for skating SoHo more than the Financial District. And we spoke too soon regarding near-death experiences at the Courthouse Drop.

Check out the New Year’s edit from our homies at Black Sheep Skateshop down in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Autumn Skateshop 2001-2011 video tribute. The “AUTUMN” written over the Supreme hat is hilarious. Paulgar getting 86ed from Dallas BBQ is the ender.

If you want one of those Vans iPhone cases, but don’t want to drop $100 for a cell phone accessory, you can always make your own.

There’s a “Rack City” parody called “Snack City,” so it’s a mandatory post. Lil’ Debbie references and all. It’s no “Whopper in the Car,” but it’s definitely a well-written parody. However, the video deserved a better treatment than a bunch of dudes sitting on a couch. They should’ve just hired the girls from the original and made them have a food fight in the strip club or something…

HEY, PEOPLE FROM OUT OF TOWN — For 2012, can you guys please stop pretending that New York is this horrifying, judgmental place where you get vibed out of everywhere by scary locals? Nobody cares that you’re not from here. 50% of the skaters in New York aren’t from here. All the jokes on this site about far-fetched T.F. etiquette are just that: jokes. If you ask where a spot is, or where to get some cheap food at, 99 times out of 100, the person you ask will be super helpful. Just because people don’t run up to you and say “Hey man! Want to go skate? Your kickflips are so tweaked! Oh, and I love your shoes!” when you show up at a spot doesn’t mean they’re vibing you.

Sorry for the rant, but between someone using the word “elitist” to describe a website that tells you where 100+ spots in New York are, and people on Slap complaining about not getting a complimentary massage when they walk into Autumn, this whole New York “Vibe Capital of the World” misconception is getting ridiculous. If you talk to older skaters who were around for the nineties, they’ll tell you stories about getting into fights, getting robbed, etc. when skating sketchy parts of the city. Fifteen years later, you dudes are complaining about people not saying “Hi” to you. Save it.

Quote of the Week:2011 was about camo. 2012 will be about sweatpants.” — Roctakon

P.S. Not only did Quartersnacks succumb to the craze, The Chrome Ball Incident is also now on Instagram. Follow via @chromeball.


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