Allergic to Stupid Shit: Special Deluxe Holiday Edition

Around every April Fool’s Day, we have an idea to do a fake post about how Tompkins, 12th & A, the Tribeca park, etc. got knobbed. Ultimately, we get too lazy to procure fake photographs for such a post, but the real world may have just provided the closest thing to a knobbed skatepark you’ll ever see.

They have began knobbing the new Seaport ledges. Yes, the perfect concrete boxes with metal lips that are only otherwise seen in skateparks, and…well, nowhere else. The ledges at the northern end are the only ones knobbed as of today, but it would be safe to assume that they’ll make it to the rest of the plaza sooner rather than later. So much for waiting for construction to finish before they allow skateboarding there (not that anyone believed such lies to begin with.) Now would be a good time to do what Gino did, and get any remaining sessions/lines in before the spot is completely gone. And yes, you still get kicked out.

We have filed a handful of things under our “allergic to stupid shit” filter over the years, but this one probably takes the cake.

2011 was sick. New York’s best new ledge spot got knobbed in six months, the best spot in Midtown is unskateable, and the best psuedo-skate-spot-park is a wrap thanks to a bunch of dickheads who can’t walk two blocks to smoke weed somewhere that isn’t school property.


  1. The fact that they built the Seaport in a way that’s very conducive to skating? – That’s understandable. Architects unwittingly create sick skate spots all the time… not their fault, really.

    but I mean – c’mon – BENCHES WITH METAL EDGING?! I suppose the city’s reasoning for that was to protect the benches from overzealous… sitting?

    The inclusion of the metal edges on the benches, and then the knobbing of said metal edge makes me want to maim and kill.

    someone should put yet another metal edge on top of the knobbed edge.

  2. Noooooooooooooo, tourists love watching skateboarders, girls love watching skateboarders, and for some reason at that spot old people were psyched too. Win win win. The only people that do not like skateboarders are security guards and people with stupid dogs, aka losers. Moral: losers always win.

  3. Lets re angle iron those ledges if only just to skate them one more time. Hopefully trying to remove the metal will cause them to be destroyed, thus ensuring the same destruction we, as skateboarders, would have imparted upon them anyway. Call this pointless, but its as if we are wild lions watching gazelle prance about from inside our cage of a skatepark. Literally, look at the fences they put up at those places.

  4. i’m going to start spraypainting dicks all over every ledge that gets knobbed from now on

  5. I kind of think that 2011 was the end of a small era in New York skating. The start being around 06-08. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though. In New York there are lots of people who wouldn’t really skate if TF, 12&A, and other like places didn’t exist. These places are important because they are meeting places, chill spots, and skate spots put together. But… if you try to skate any of these spots in the summer/fall, there’s a hundred heads you’ve never seen in your life, plus the weekend warrior pros/ams that cruise thru and practice their lines at 12&A or TF and cause an embarrassing display of spectators on the green benches. In my opinion there are to many bottom feeders and hangers on in this city and even though I’ve loved TF since the first time I skated that saggy rail there in 2002, it has ended up cultivating/sustaining laziness and has made skateboarding less about the skateboard.

  6. I cant front …12th and tompkins held shit down. i saw alot of shit go down at 12th..skate wise…..

  7. SKATE THE INSIDE OVER THE FLAT GAP! Get there while you can aswell, hope this spot gets shredded. Best Wishes from England!

  8. There’s one box over where the wooden benches are at, I don’t think they’re gonna knob that one since it looks like they put it over there for us, the guards don’t bother you there either.

  9. You could still lipslide it… isn’t that the only tricks a new yorker does on a ledge anyways?

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