For Da Summa

Always good to see one of Brooklyn’s finest skating at one of Manhattan’s best-worst spots. You can bet that the G Man is psyched on it.

Taji sent over this End of Summer montage he made for Acapulco Gold, featuring Andy Millien, Aaron Warner, Ariel Perl, Billy Rohan, Charles Lamb, Black Donald Trump, John Wisdom, and Leo Gutman. Apparently, the guards at the Seaport are no longer occupied with merely enforcing plaza regulations, but have a genuine concern for your safety now. That seems at odds with the fact that 80% of them will threaten you with violence if you don’t leave the second they approach you. (“YO, I GET OFF OF WORK AT 3! MEET ME HERE, AND I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU.”) Other highlights include someone finally grinding the top of those metal “sculptures” all over Wall Street, and proof that Cooper Union stays losing.

Summertime MVPs: Leo Gutman & Andre Page. Summertime LVPs (Least Valuable Player, not Lithuanian People’s Party): The security guards at the Seaport.


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