43 Skateboard Magazine

Stevie Williams at the Seaport — Photo by Allen Ying

Allen Ying has been taking amazing photos of New York skateboarders for a pretty long time. In the early 2000s, when any New York photo you’d see in a magazine would most likely be by Dimitry or Reda, Allen had a sick online portfolio hosted off Metrospective, providing a glance into a different side of the city, with photographs featuring a lot of the up-and-coming skaters at the time (Rodney Torres, Geo Moya, Kerel Roach, Akira, Sho Ma, Scott Schwartz, a handful of others.) Few of these early photos ended up in magazines, but I always wished I had saved more of them, along with a handful of other artifacts from the ABC Skateshop era (anyone have an extra ABC Sixers shirt?)

Allen’s work has continued to grow over the past ten years, even landing him a few well deserved cover shots. He has now he has embarked a new project entitled 43 Magazine. 43 is “a free, independent, non profit, bimonthly skateboard magazine, with a clean art book feel, dedicated to quality, photography and arts,” and titled after a forgotten name for the frontside no comply. Allen is currently looking for help on funding this project, so watch the video below for a more detailed view, and check out 43‘s Kickstarter page to pledge some money.


  1. Like the concept, like the format for med format photos, overall, LIKE!

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