Daniel Lebron Flocka James

The Berrics isn’t a daily site for the QS office, but we trust that we will be informed whenever one of our friends makes an appearance on there by the powers that be. However, those powers neglected to inform us that ledge / flatground powerhouse, Daniel Lebron managed to throw together a fairly restrained section (by Berrics standards), of grown man backside smith grinds, and exemplary frontside flips. Skateboarding related updates will resume shortly. It was a big week for basketball, so that managed to shift much attention away.

Speaking of Lebrons…Did you guys hear the big news from Miami?

Supposedly, the Academy is nullifying all of its nomination deadlines as well and slipping Chris Bosh in along with Colin Firth and Javier Bardem. Can’t really blame the guy (well, no, wait, you definitely can) for employing some damage control after a 1-18 shooting night.

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