Kickflip of the Year

Skateboarding gets more absurd by the day. Westgate looks like he has been watching a lot of Busenitz parts and maybe smoking PCP.

Back smith up a handrail? What the hell is going on?

Below is the gold standard for kickflips around here (obviously solely on a professional, not company-internal level), let’s include a side by side comparison. It looks pretty up to par.


  1. it pleases me each time i watch kalis do a switch back nosegrind rather than a switch crooks in his first line

  2. was just saying to a coworker that dudes at Real must be like what the fuck the way he tore a new ass in SF. where’s my (rodney vs daewon) busenitz vs westgate for 2011?

  3. A Rodney vs. Daewon-esque Busenitz vs. Westgate video set solely in San Francisco would probably be the greatest thing to happen in skateboarding, ever. Someone call Deluxe and Zoo.

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