A Turnt Up Thursday

In light of the fact that the Christmas clips are typically highbrow, respectable productions (which will probably be the next video update on the site), this thing was thrown together to release whatever childish tendencies were in the QS immune system for the remainder of the year. They’ll be back in 2011 though for sure.

All of the footage is recycled, so a cast list isn’t really necessary. There’s a Nike section in the middle (Corporate involvement, dude! You sell-out! What’s next, a Monster Energy Drink tattoo across your back?), that is mostly there to remind everyone that the focal point of this website is still loud grates in SoHo, stealing boogie boards, Lenox Ledges, and skating Midtown for twelve hours on twenty-degree Saturdays with only two coffee breaks. Moya is still the king, Marquez is still “the illest,” and the G-Man is on a flight back from Japan right now ready to drive 1,200 miles in a car that resembles a refrigerator.

Thanks to everyone that contributed footage and helped out during the year.

Alternate YouTube link if you’re not into the Vimeo thing.


  1. THE BIG QUESTION IS…will Quarter Snacks be rereleasing the chad fernandez max fish footage in a remastered, hd edition with bonus commentary and supplementary materials to honor the closing of the bar ???

    As someone who has heard many things but never seen it :( i will be the first to sign that petition.

  2. The only thing worse than a huge Monster Energy tattoo is a huge fake Monster Energy. Dyrdek isn’t even just a douche bag, he’s a fucking poseur douche bag.

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