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Bagel via Tompkins Square Bagels via Digital Ashtray

Who has a tractor trailer? Let’s bring all the Long Island City ramps to Tompkins.

“He took a look at my shoes, grilled me and asked, ‘What’s this shoveling for?’ I responded, ‘My grandma fell here last week and I don’t want anybody else to get hurt.’ He said ‘Nah, you’re a skateboarder, leave the park now or I’ll call the cops. We have a guy that shovels the park.'” Philly’s hatred of skateboarding never fails to reach new heights. An interview with Tracy Gorman about skating Love Park this past winter.

Speaking of which, Sabotage 4 should be a good time.

Dug this video’s #chill #vibes: Nassau by Derek Heydle. All New York stuff.

Gino talks about boards, shoes and gear for nine minutes.

In the Bity,” a three-and-a-half minute montage featuring most of the Bronze guys and some rad Shawn Powers Tompkins night lines.

2015 is all about ushering in a wave of redhead acceptance in skateboarding. Weiger’s all iPhone birthday part was great. If a genie granted me the chance to skate ledges like any pro but said I couldn’t pick a Spaniard, I’d probably pick Weiger.

Transworld’s “ABD Archive” GIF-itized most of the prominent tricks to go down over picnic tables. Chris Franzen’s switch front shove is still the coolest.

Dunno about calling the L.E.S. Park “iconic,” but this “Day in the Life”-esque thing with Billy Rohan was cool. “Chanel makes you smell like your Rolex is real.”

The Paych guys, Will R.S. and Zered at House of Vans.

If you want to watch more Aaron Herrington re-edits, here are the contest winners.

The book about the history of the ollie is 912 pages long.

Here’s what the first run of Mother Collective boards looks like.

Haven’t heard Waka rap in like ~two years at this point (the volatility of the rap spotlight is insane huh?), but something about his voice sounds weird now.

This is the best Kendrick Lamar song.

QS Sports Desk: Kyrie Irving is only the third most fun-to-watch guard in the NBA.

Quote of the Week: “Biebel became one of my favorite skaters this year because of Instagram.” — Jack Sabback

YRN: The Album drops June 16th. Kinda got the feeling that those guys made every sort of song there was for them to make after their last mixtape, but would love to be proved wrong :)

Drunk as Paul McCartney, I’m 80 Bottle Shorty

Mike Gigliotti > Russell Brand. Katy blew it.

For something that wasn’t all that popular or great of a skate spot, they really went all out in knobbing the flat rails on Metropolitan and Driggs in Williamsburg. The knobs are welded in, so even if you wanted to take them off, you’d be wasting your time. Watch Rodrigo’s part in the LRG video because he skated that place better than anyone.

Jersey City never ceases to be one of the most amazing places on the east coast. No set of Avalon condos or poor attempts at high-end hotel chains downtown can stop that.

If you haven’t already voted for Zered in ESPN’s real street contest, you need to do so while there is still time (tomorrow is the last day.) And if you haven’t seen his new footage, well then you’re just not really in the conversation.

New Jake Johnson footage quickly becomes old Jake Johnson footage because the internet so lovingly re-posts it everywhere (by the internet, I mean Slap), but he wears a snackman tee in it, so it’s more than enough to merit a re-post of something you’ve seen already.

Next time you buy a skateboard, support Rob Campbell’s new company, New Breed. For all the years Rob was on Substance, they never gave him the promotional push he deserved, since they seemed predominantly concerned with a bunch of rail kids, so hopefully this new company is a good shot at all of us finally seeing the full Rob part we’ve been waiting for all these years.

Random throwback link of the day: Danny Supa’s 411 “Wheels of Fortune” section. They really love giving New York footage the “video art” treatment.

Parks being infested with rats is news in New York now? Really? The first skatepark they ever gave Lower Manhattan is a rat colony to this day. Maybe they should go get some footage down there so people can think twice before using that “Isn’t there a skatepark you guys can go to” line again.

Quote of the Week:Skateboarding is not a crime but it should be. Misdemeanor at least. what kind of city/society lets grown men run around attempting skateboard tricks on streets and sidewalks where people are trying to walk. I’m fine with skateboards as a general thing, but do it in a designated place. I love golf but I don’t go teeing off golf balls down 2nd avenue. Yeah you can accuse me of being the decrepit, get off my lawn guy, but I am from OC, california and I have hated skateboarding and its dumb culture since I was a kid.” — Anonymous Commenter on an East Village neighborhood blog’s re-post of the QS post on the Cooper Union bank being knobbed.

What’s worse: Being a decrepit get-off-my-lawn guy or being from OC, California and thinking anyone in New York cares about your opinion? Grand Torino was great, so you know what side I’m on.

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