“Bad Grammar Overload”

Photo by Jordan Zuppa

Yesterday, the fortune of Ohio athletics took a turn for the better, so we felt compelled to share some skateboarding from QS-favorite, and Ohio-bred athlete, Loose Trucks Max. The part is a bonus section to accompany a crew video entitled Whassamattayou (presumably a nod to the endlessly quotable “Trilogy of ErrorSimpsons episode, but perhaps that phrase has some greater non-sensical meaning.) As explained here, the actual video is thirty minutes of footage filmed on a digi-cam, and the creator was adamant about excluding footage filmed on the a three-chip Mini DV camcorder, which is a device that may have had some prominence within civilization some ten years ago. The tricks filmed with a “real” camera were reserved for this bonus part featuring difficult wallies, “BAM 2” footage, and Gino homages. Limiting a thirty-minute video to digi-cam footage while calling a part filmed on a VX a “bonus” is a good look, at least as far as this website and its neglect of proper documentation techniques is concerned.

If you’re interested in the whole video, you can watch it here. It’s definitely a “by the homies, for the homies” sort of outing, but check it out. They have some Kool Keith and Bill Withers in there.