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This got a mention as a Monday Link yesterday, but deserves a more focal post, especially since it evolved into talk of “broken window” theory ‘n stuff.

Pulaski actually did have a period when it wasKosher to skate there,” most clearly exemplified in this video. For whatever reason, 411 never got around to making a Washington D.C. Metrospective until issue #27 (~1997, 1998?), whereas they caught New York and Philadelphia in their most heavily romanticized, low-bust, first-half-of-the-nineties primes. By the time issue 27 rolled around, Pulaski was a complete and total bust (to the point where they claim “Pulaski Park, rest in peace, don’t try and skate it” in the voiceover), and everyone skated MLK instead.

Things like the Andy Stone PROfile ended up being permanent placeholders for a Pulaski Metrospective, at least as far as 411 coverage goes. However, the D.C. section from Eastern Exposure 2 is everything a 1994 411 Metrospective on D.C. would have been, which is why most people probably Google “411 dc metrospective” when looking for “the D.C. montage with the Eric B. and Rakim song,” as we were yesterday. BTW, it features likely the best use of a Rakim song in a video. No, he doesn’t actually rap in Keenan’s Chocolate Tour part, which means they more-or-less used a DJ Premier song.

If there’s one glaring ommission from last fall’s “Chillest Lines” post, it’s heelflip on flat, nollie backside 180, fakie heelflip over a can. Fakie heelflip over a can is nuts no matter what era you’re talking about.

Also also also B4 anyone says “OMG how would U know?!” — The Quartersnacks music supervisor and another prominent noseslider who makes frequent appearances on the website are both from the D.C. metro area, in their thirties and have confirmed much of the research above ;)

Related: Chrome Ball’s Pulaski post is always worth a revisit. “Fuck all you idiots who don’t understand how we talk.”

Extended Winter Viewing: Stop Fakin’ 2 (in full)

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Jersey David. Photo by Jason Lecras.

With another log thrown on the “OMG is Mark Suciu #authentic?” fire today (and with no visible start of spring in sight), we would like to momentarily redirect your attention to another Philadelphia-area media institution. Stop Fakin’ 2 came out last summer, and you’ve likely seen some of its sections, as it was released via the “Few parts on YouTube, $10 for the DVD” business model favored by independent skate video directors today. It was the first independent project of 2012 to propel the “Love Park is back” narrative, while also serving as a reminder that Pulaski Park never left.

The entire video is now online in full. While we have fawned over Mark Suciu’s unprecedented footage-gathering capabilities, we have too easily forgotten that Stop Fakin’ 2 boasted one of three parts that Jersey Dave released in 2012. And in the realm of cameos: Sabotage may have had a switch 360 flipping Brian Wenning’s return to Love Park, but it sure as hell didn’t feature an appearance from the far more legendary Mr. Z.

If you’re an old soul and still want the DVD, you can buy it here.