Verizon Banks & the Evolution of the Species


Photo by Colin Sussingham

It was the early 2000s and New York skateboarding was growing. Tight-black-denimed and Diesel-jeaned transplants were moving to Williamsburg and Bushwick by the zillions, thus bringing new eyes to spots that were otherwise only known to few North Brooklyn locals (Vinnie Ponte or someone had like one trick there in either Peep This or Heads too.) With BAM knobbed and slated for demolition, the Verizon Banks — located at the then in-the-cut intersection of Meserole and Lorimer — became the most recognizable skate spot in Brooklyn.

Sadly, it did not live long after the release of Vicious Cycle, the seminal video that won the spot its desirability. It became blown out and knobbed before class of 2006 high schoolers even received their acceptance letters from Pratt. More sadly, alcoholism-inducing North Brooklyn destinations like Reggaeton Ledges, the B.Q.E. Lot and…the McCarren black “ledge” became the borough’s most sought-after spots.

Ten years passed and something happened.

People began skating Verizon Banks again.

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