A Sea of Stolen Spitfire Tools

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Vice (remember that ol’ thing?) has a new series called “Let It Kill You,” which explores the intersection of skateboarding and art. Their opening episode is with Mike Giglotti, who gets into his craft, his shop Lottie’s, and doing the art for Baker Skateboards.

How do you promote a truck company collab? “Idk, Hawaii I guess!” E.G.O.T. winners Stafhon Boca and Etienne Gagne went to the 50th state for an Alltimers x Thunder trip.

“Sole Tech’s trio of shoe companies were the last remaining skater-owned legacy brands on the market. They helped define multiple eras and generations of the industry and culture.” Simple Magic dives into the acquisition of Sole Tech by a ….snowboard conglomerate. Much love to Don and everyone that works over there. This remains one of our favorite things we’ve ever published on QS, and the Sole Tech crew’s enthusiasm in helping us was pretty much unparalleled when it comes to story sources.

Greg Hunt profiled Tyshawn Jones in a five-minute video spot for his new Adidas pro model.

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Deep Dive — Diego Todd on Ventura & ‘Hockey X’

Intro, Interview & Edit by Farran Golding
Principal Archival Footage by Geoff Browne & Matt Schmidt

Traversing the same streets countless times, over years and years, only to discover a hidden in-plain-sight new way of skating them is a well-understood skateboard phenomenon.

Diego Todd’s closing part in Hockey X was the result of combing his beachside hometown of Ventura, California in such a way.

Equipped with an attitude reminiscent of the goofball savant from a coming-of-age movie, Diego ducked down familiar streets for new takes and ticked off spots which had sat in the back of his mind since before he even had a driver’s license.

Our latest Deep Dive lifts the curtain on the local folklore and perilous spots tackled by Diego in the part that turned him pro.

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