Ain’t Enough Light in the Daytime…

pimp c grip

Happy birthday Pimp Chad. Griptape art via ???

Skater Starterpacks are good for a chuckle.

Bill Cunningham could not be reached for comment as to whether or not Lockwood is the latest beacon of weekend street style, despite numerous requests.

Boil the Ocean is up to #4 on its annual top 10 parts of the year countdown.

Iron Claw Skates made a limited-edition (__ of 86) Darryl Strawberry cruiser board. It is an extension of Lou’s Card Boards series for all the nostalgic Mets fans. Here’s a quick cruiser clip of it, just a few steps away from the site of the 1986 World Series. Notable Phil Rodriguez sightings included.

181 Blocks From…” is the latest edit from the Washington Heights-based Mira Conyo crew. Also, check out their Tall Boys podcast for an alternative to the otherwise #caucasian skateboard-podcast landscape ;)

VX is dead volume 6 via Johnny Wilson & stone molly whiter than my socks.

Well-formed Trahanian kickflips and other maneuvers of interest in the latest GX1000 New York edit that you’ve probably already seen.

There’s still hope! Learning switch 360 flips at age 45.

Ryan Gallant commentates on his Wonderful Horrible Life part.

This lil’ Mike Carroll section doesn’t get brought up nearly enough during routine bouts of fawning over Carroll footage. It’s tight. Skating begins @ 2:00. Great #hypersexual music supervision that you wish you thought to use for your silly bro-cam clip.

Death video throwaways, volume #45,670. Televisions are still trending.

The 2014 All City Showdown video premieres tonight at Sunshine. 9 P.M. Flyer here.

R.I.P. to the bodega next to Lit. Bought many a 4 A.M. bottle of water there, a long, long time ago. It probably all started to go downhill after Gigliotti moved from fifty feet away. Shout out 237 E. 5th Street.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Reason #876,967 for why you shouldn’t be emotionally invested in the New York Knicks. Dan Favale’s article, “The Self-Made Plight of Carmelo Anthony,” should throw a bit of that into perspective as well. Melo’s just trying to build his #personabrand y’all, just like you and your Tumblr friends.

Quote of the Week: “I think people are confused by the high amount of updates on the website lately.” — Pad. That’s why Monday Links it getting posted eight hours later than usual. Had to put the suspense back in Quartersnacks updates ;)

Off to lunch! Later.


The fact that the album version of this song is edited is one of the greatest crimes ever committed against any genre of music. This is the dirty version.

This on the other hand…even the edited version goes hard.

Pimp C on relationships > _________________

“Everything I’m selling…is hiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhh grrrrrrraaadddee.”

2:03 = The four greatest opening lines to a rap verse in the history of rap. No hyperbole.

Actually, Pimp C on social networks and jewelry > _____________________

“Honestly, I can’t stand when women tell stories, it makes my balls itch.”

“It’s just a bunch of words, with no plot, no middle, no end, and they’re always angry.”

Monday links on a Tuesday. The lack of hail outside is much appreciated.

If you are from, or have friends from Queens, you’ve known this for some time, but the Globe is officially skateable again. The fences are gone, and everything’s just like it always was. The ledges were sandblasted, but that is a small price to pay. The strip before the main extension, the extension itself, and the grate gap are the only things that have been re-waxed and broken in again. Hit the dollar store, buy a few candles, and take the trip out here before the cold gets too intense.

Want to see something crazy? Here’s a picture of Billy and the King of the Trill.

Speaking of Queens, and the word “trill,” the Flipmode franchise affiliated Tumblr, Hella Trill is back in full swing with regular updates. Skateboarding clips with some damn Wes Montgomery on the soundtrack, that’s something you can’t knock. (P.S. Wes Montgomery was as trill as someone could ever get.)

All of the people involved with this website collectively see Danny Weiss on a skateboard maybe twice a year. We have even taken steps to disown him, and prevent him from sucking up any more of the roster’s precious cap space. Lets put it like this: Take everyone you know who skateboards, think of every excuse they have ever given to you for not wanting to go skateboarding, combine them, and you will STILL not even be near the amount of excuses Danny Weiss has given all of us for bitching out of a session. Yet, somehow, someway, he decides to leave his house, and go skating with some European dudes, while avoiding all of those who have put up with all of his nonsense these past ten years. The guy is the true definition of a bum. I miss the Weiss that was set on telling the world that 50 Cent was the future.

While the tricks on the block of ice have received the most publicity after the release of Lakai’s new Nick Jensen commercial, that backside powerslide, no push thing between the two street gaps is the skateboard line nuance of the year.

Here’s a quick homie video via the Jaundice crew of some footage from this past summer and fall. Set to Cameron’s re-working of G. Dep’s classic title track anthem.

Open Skateboards’ Union Update Video – Volume 1.

Both of the the past two video links feature footage of the community pool park on Houston and Pitt Street, which has always been an insane bust anytime you set in there with a skateboard. And that amounts to visual evidence that people have been known to get lucky with some time there.

This has been on every other website, but check out this Keenan Milton video part mash-up if you already haven’t. Whoever edited it most likely went through some painstaking hours of finding applicable skate trick sounds to fill in for the stripped soundtracks.

Recently, while Googling “quartersnacks” in order to find something from several years ago, I stumbled on an old Skate Perception thread denouncing the audacity of this site for re-editing Mind Field last year. While there were very few advocates of the re-edit there, there were two responses that are absolutely brilliant and heartwarming.

Quote of the Week:I’m on the back cover, but it’s a Japanese magazine, and in Japan they read things from right to left, so it’s basically like I’m on the front cover.” – Marquez

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If you started coming here after they removed the planters from the ends of the ledges, you can go fuck yourself


We’ve seen a fairly unfortunate blossoming of the “death comes in threes” superstition this year (well technically, The Banks might be saved come 2014 according to a statement released by the Department of Transportation, so we have not exactly suffered the greatest symbolic loss yet, and the Flushing situation remains up in the air). I passed through Ziegfeld last Tuesday afternoon on a coffee run and noticed all of the benches removed from the floor, and all the picnic tables unbolted and caution taped off — uh oh. Writing it off as a routine power-washing of all the slide marks on the floors, today’s morning coffee run pass-through yielded a heartbreaking sight. They completely re-did the floor surface, rendering it a hard version of essentially the harshest sandpaper you could imagine. Lets just say if you skate here five nights out of seven on a given week and a board usually lasts you a month, it will probably live two weeks less now if you continue that same routine. Beyond the fact that the entire spot was essentially built on some of the best ground in Midtown and now has a similar texture to a shitty patch of concrete, speed and flat in and of themselves have become a lost cause here. Nevermind that fact that it’s literally impossible to finagle a “270” out of a slide trick by turning the last 180 degrees on the floor. And I am not going to even begin to theorize on what would happen if your skin just so happened to skid across the surface. If this is what skatestopping is turning to (I’m guessing it was a calculated measure, as our wheels weren’t exactly the friendliest marker towards their off-white floor), I am terrified for what the future holds.


Photo by Keegan Gibbs

And in the realm of Quarter Snacks updates, I am fully aware that this has probably been the slowest fourth quarter of updates in this website’s four-year history, particularly when people from Boston are walking into certain skateshops on Lafayette Street and complaining about the lack of updates. I am not fortunate enough to live Matthew Mooney’s bohemian (good call on whoever coined that one) lifestyle, and have had other, boring life obligations ruin my updating habits these past few months. Hopefully the Christmas clip will make up for it, but who the hell knows. Otherwise, I’ve been “working” on a large scale revamp that should launch this winter, but that’s been taking um.. a bit longer than expected.

The prospect of a Trap or Die 2 mixtape will inevitably skyrocket my productivity level, as the Snowman’s early-summer mixtape release did not necessarily meet his otherwise extremely high standards of motivational music, and Gucci Mane, despite all his merits, is nowhere near as an inspirational figure as Mr. Jenkins, so his output has fallen flat in that realm. Jeezy’s status as pretty much the only southern rapper not in jail for parole/probation violations or gun charges right now will inevitably propel Trap or Die 2 into classic status of inspirational literature.

Shawn Powers’ nighttime visualization of Queens as San Francisco

Random clip featuring Kerel and others

Flipmode = the Best

Skateboarding needs more Quim Cardona. More New Jersey and less Ohio and Brooklyn.

Pimp C died on this day, two years ago, and rap music has pretty much sucked ever since. If half of these bums on records nowadays put in half the passion on their songs that he had when discussing female pubic hair, we wouldn’t have such an awfully boring corpse of genre on our hands right now.