Video Review: Krook3d / Krooked 3-D

3-D technology is nestled somewhere at a midpoint between the downfall of western civilization, and a sixty-year-old tendency of the motion picture industry that strives to forfeit on whatever generous, sparse compliments could be given to modern society’s attention span. But Krooked is not looking to rejuvenate a declining skate video market in the same way Hollywood is holding onto a morsel of hope from some blue lizard Pocahontas thing, which is really only a prolonged distraction from the fact that the only other good news they have usually comes in the form of shitty Vince Vaughn movies. (Note: Not all Vince Vaughn movies suck, dude’s got some classics.)

At this point, three-fourths of Krooked’s videos, with Krooked Chronicles being the sole exception, have been accompanied by some sort of production gimmick. Not necessarily bad, or gimmicky gimmicks, because Gnar Gnar and Gnaughty both came with their merits as welcome changes of pace from the epicness that bogs down and causes skate videos to age poorly, but aspects that make them stand out from the bunch. A greater resource of consistently fun videos that come with a wink back at the less self-important age of skateboard video productions does not exist on the same level outside of the minds at Krooked. Up until now at least, because 3-D is a time sensitive gimmick, and people will eventually stop caring about it. And because nobody in their right mind wants to put on 3-D glasses to watch a skate video, no matter how out of the box it may have seemed at the time.

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