Quartersnacks Trendwatch 2012

Video parts from smaller names (sometimes) provide a window to the trends that will later be attributed to more well-known skaters. Someone posted this new Tony Carr part in the comments yesterday, and it has several hallmarks that could potentially wedge themselves deeper into skateboarding’s current framework of trends. Our team of trend forecasters met late last night over a few cups of overpriced coffee to discuss what you (as a superficial skateboarder) should be keeping an eye on while we all wait for an enterprising pro to adopt Kellen James’ sock-tuck.

1 – The smith grind kickflip looks like it won’t disappear anytime soon. Jimmy Gorecki recently went on an agreeable Twitter mini-rant about how unnecessary it is for this trick to exist, ending off with what should be the ultimate rule for any pursuit at technical skateboarding: “If you didn’t see it in Trilogy…assume it shouldn’t be performed and/or displayed.” Those of us born before 1990 can all harmoniously nod our heads, until we realize that ten years from now, when technical skateboarding has strained the Osiris-era so much that it has no choice but to bring back the darkslide, there will be someone in their mid-20s saying, “If you didn’t see it in Fully Flared…assume it shouldn’t be performed and/or displayed.”

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