Monday Afternoon Links

As stated in the previous post, in light of the holidays, it has been a slow news week. No WikiLeaks scandal or Dylan Reider news to keep us occupied and reporting things on a regular basis. So here is what has surfaced on the internet in recent days…

The above screen grab, featuring a young, pre-tattoo Miles Marquez and the back of Danny Weiss’ head, accompanied by the late Harold Hunter is from Again (Part one here, Part two here), a twenty-five minute long candid skateboard video made by one of the more polarizing personalities in the history of Tompkins Square Park. The cast could be roughly summarized as containing every older dude who goes in when there’s a party going on. It is disappointing that there is minimal TF footage in it though. It features a full Harold Hunter “part,” which is largely set around an improvisational way of opening a can of beef stew (the song jams too.) There’s also footage of the Muska jumping off a shipping container in a wifebeater, with black gloves and a tee shirt hanging out of his pocket. If that’s not enough for you to set aside twenty-five minutes of your afternoon, well perhaps the all-too-distant site of Danny in his more agile Jewish athlete days will do the trick. (This video, shot after he forfeited his ties in the slim ranks of Jewish athletes somehow has 2,000 views, and it makes no sense.)

This seven-minute, early-era Krooked montage from an old 411 is drastically under seen.

It’s pretty great that those Manolo Mixtape things took a turn more off the radar, as this Nate Jones one was a pleasant surprise. That dude’s Real to Reel part is on the short-list for one of the best skating/music/editing combos in the history of skateboarding (Probably my favorite song choice in a skate video of all-time, short of “Real Big” of course), but the mixtape definitely does it justice by mixing it up with some lesser seen footage, a song-choice that preserved the feel of the last one, and even commendably kept the opening bird’s eye backside 180 in the same place.

Why searching for apartments in New York sucks.

Quote of the Week:That already tells me something…because white people don’t really mess with Backwoods.” – Carl

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