We Blowing Up To the Moon, Shout Out To the Goons

Christmas = The only time you can skate the Seagram Building. Go for it.

How was your weekend? Did you see anyone wearing JNCOs?

This is a great news. Big congratulations to Rob Campbell and best wishes for his future role as the director of skateboarding for Open Road.

Joseph Delgado’s part from the Poisonous Products video is now on YouTube. All lines, and some Lil’ Kim on the soundtrack. Good to see Queens locals still skating actual Flushing and not just the Maloof Park. (While on the topic: has anyone skated to “Drugs” before? It’s easy to forget that Lil’ Kim somehow ended up getting one of the greatest rap beats of all time. These dudes did it way more justice though.)

Here is a teaser for Shark Shit, a (very) low-def video featuring Loose Trucks Max and the rest of the Brooklyn homies.

Stupid Slap Message Board Thread #588,684,693: “Most hipster skate parts?” Humorously enough, they post Brett Nelson’s Rich Mahogany part, then go on to say Brett Land’s part is more “hipster”-ish. Then, the topic diverges into how Cardiel’s Sight Unseen part isn’t as good as everyone says it is…

If you ever skate Tompkins, you’ll recognize a handful of people with parts in this 21-minute iPhone video from John Kim.

The goal of QS is to eventually transition from a skateboard website into a chain of strip club skateparks throughout the south. We have fifty-page business plans and everything, but it looks like DGK’s “Playground” park beat us to it. Back to square one.

In the spirit of the season, check out our post from last year about Jahmal Williams’ loosely Christmas-related video part from the early 2000s.

Spot Updates: 1) You may have noticed that some bandits cut off the rail at FedEx a few weeks ago. Well, it’s back. 2) Similar story…some bandits unknobbed the Dag 10-stair ledge, a tree fell on it, scaffolding blocked it off, and now it’s knobbed again. 3) There’s a food truck at Lenox now. Interesting that it takes a food truck to exemplify how oblivious people are to getting in the way of skateboard-related pursuits.

TM103 drops tomorrow. It actually exceeded expectations, which weren’t that high. “Ballin’” and the Neyo song are pure garbage though.

Slim Dunkin R.I.P.

Random links & time-waste-methods


48 Blocks recently posted this clip of Steven Cales and Ivan Perez skating around downtown in either 1995, 1996, one of those years, which seems like it was filmed for either a French television show, or a documentary of some sort — I can’t tell. Either way, it’s a good watch, even with the foreign narration (which I’m sure was full of nonsense about skateboarding that you already know). There’s a bit of footage on the little Banks and a touching moment when they walk into a shop and you can hear “Incarcerated Scarfaces” playing in the background, presumably right around the time when it came out. The clip is off of Deadline’s Youtube page, which also includes the legendary whiter teeth commercial with Harold Hunter, among other things.

If you have not already seen Luis’ clip on the Berrics website, watch it here. Somebody give that man a New Yorker of the Year plaque. Here are his tricks from Flipmode 4 just because.

The re-edit made it through a full page of analysis on behalf of the internet’s most intelligent and insightful group of individuals without a single negative comment. That is certainly a record.

The brick bank on 70th Street and First Avenue, in front of the senior home, was recently skate-proofed via the removal of random bricks, leaving the bank full of holes for your wheels to get caught in. It is a shame, considering the Upper East Side only has about six or seven spots to begin with.

I’m starting to notice something about all these questions I’m being axed. They’re really heartfelt.
And I appreciate that.

The city has reached an all-time low…


…especially when you’re getting kicked out of the Banks. For skating. Past 9 P.M.

Ted Barrow “On the Periphery” Feature in Slap Magazine

Ted also wrote up the first comprehensive review of Deathbowl to Downtown on his blog. I have a pretty good feeling the documentary will never be released on DVD, particularly when it has been ten months since it had initially premiered.

48 Blocks interview with Bill Strobeck, the man largely behind the second greatest skateboarding video of all-time.

Old school bits: Robbie Gangemi 360 flip on Essex Street, Ivan Perez at Astor Place & Harry Jumonji.

100s on the Table, 20s on the Floor..

Enjoy the last day in the streak of good weather, cause it is raining tomorrow.

A while back, Mooney offered to trade me a new pair of sneakers if I re-edited his part from the snackman video with his new footage. Since I haven’t posted a random throwaway Youtube clip in a bit, here’s what came out.

In other QS Youtube nonsense, here’s a short clip from the Baby Steps New York trip in 2005 in honor of this summer-esque weather we’re having, since its complete with one of the greatest summer anthems ever. Some of the first few tricks have been in QS clips.

Typically, when your parents drop extra commas and you put yourself in debt so that you may get a college education, you want to get your money’s worth (usually never happens). But Miles chooses to spend his time more wisley by going to school in order to make comic strips about beer runs instead of going to class.

I went on the Slap Message Board for the first time in about two years the other day, and it reaffirmed my opinion of 95% of skateboarders being losers who talk way too much. Here’s what I’m talking about: The Brengar Appreciation Thread, andThe “Supreme isn’t a real skateshop” Thread (that’s a real original topic). I can’t wait until the “Quarter Snacks isn’t a real skate site” thread rolls around.

After many searches, minimal coverage of the hipster party I was talking about was found. This is the only video I found and it sucks.

Just in case you haven’t seen it already, the Billy Rohan Epicly Later’d TV episode is worth a watch. “To be honest, this [the TF] is the worst place to skate in New York City.

DC footage always looks interesting, so the new blog DailyCrack.net should keep you entertained for a bit.

I know all of you couldn’t wait for this one: Jim Jones Presents the Dipset Skate Team: Dipskate – Part 2. Switch Mike has reportedly been spotted in training, perfecting his sess slides in order to be put on.

If anyone is holding Sendspace/Rapidshare/MegaUpload/Etc links, Torrents, or anything like that to episodes of Hollyhood, please send them to me. This looks too good to miss. And while I’m at it, if anyone knows where there’s a copy of the Aesthetics video floating around on the interweb, drop the link in the comments.