Scanner File: Big Brother’s ‘Black Issue’ (1995)

dre black issue

We may have missed Black History Month, but we finally tracked down a copy of the famous Big Brother “Black Issue” from 1995. Big thanks to Sweet Waste and his closet full of skate memorabilia hoardings (dude has multiple pairs of Mike Carroll Vans still in the original box, not even in his size, among a great many other things.)

Big Brother prefaced this issue by reassuring readers that they were in fact, not racist in any way, and that the production of the issue was “basically just to show how many black skaters there are out there ripping.” From a regional standpoint, the issue is significant because of the “Black Skaters of NYC” section by Dimitry Elyashkevich at the end, which features our good friend Andre Page’s first photograph in a skate magazine. A lot of the dudes in the article don’t skate anymore, but he sure as hell still rips. Beyond that, there is a main section full of nineties cult heroes, reviews for blaxploitation films, and um, interviews with Ras Kass.

P.S. The Skatepark of Tampa site is streaming Tampa Pro all weekend, so you can tune in live, where ever you are. Check the schedule. Have a good weekend.

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*Beyonce Blackout Joke* Links

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(We have already made it obvious that we are fair weather football fans.)

Power surges aside, it has been a slow news week.

A devout skate archivist needs to scan the entire Big Brother “Black Issue” and put it online for Black History Month. Bob Shirt has a few scans, though not the comprehensive issue: Kareem Campbell interview, Kareem interviewing Keenan Milton, and a Jahmal Williams interview.

After exhausting Lil’ Wayne coverage in 2012, we promised to move past his skate-related pursuits in the new year. Then, he stalled on a quarterpipe, and made it rain on five strippers. So there’s that. (Screenshot here if you don’t want to sit through eight minutes of Lil’ Wayne footage. Shout out to the person on Facebook who reported that photo as inappropriate due to a heavily pixelated tit.) Even so

The One Up Skateshop crew in Pittsburg always puts out quality videos, so here’s a new Nick Panza part and the first half of their 2012 promo.

Do you think this kid could boardslide around the entire rail at Marcus Garvey?

Listen to Roctakon rant about DJing, Chief Keef and sorority girls in Megadeth shirts.

Our good friend Jason Lecras has an interview up with Staf magazine. The words are in Spanish, but the photos are still great.

There’s a new, kinda boring commercial of Kyrie Irving skating at the Berrics. But expecting an NBA player to do anything on a skateboard besides stand on it might be unreasonable. (How about putting Uncle Drew on a skateboard?)

Git Buck is a new Providence, RI-based video with what looks like a good bit of New York footage. They uploaded a select part here and you can watch the teaser here.

Spot Updates: In case anybody cares (nobody cares), the scaffolding is off those seven-stair rails on 95th Street. Slowwwwww news week, man.

Astute Observation of the Week:This is pretty much the absolute limit of how ‘good’ a video part is allowed to be before it becomes unwatchable.” — Canadian Connor regarding Ishod Wair’s Sabotage 3 part

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week — Throwback Edition: In light of the Raptors trading for Rudy Gay, here is perhaps the greatest NBA video ever…”Raptor Fan goes nuts after Rudy Gay shoots Game Winner.”

Quote of the Week:


The Most Insane Response to “How Was Your Birthday?” Ever

Another cold-ass week ahead. Stay warm.