April in December


No idea what you’re doing inside right now, but ANYWAY…

Wade Desarmo is an ambidextrous magician. Or wizard. Or something.

E.J. uploaded Shawn Powers’ DANY video part to his Vimeo page. You can still buy a hard copy of the video over on theDANYstore.com. Public Housing Skate Team also released an eerie eight-minute Powers part yesterday.

The Bunt is back! Somehow figured this would take at least until 2017. The first episode of the third season is with varial flip master and Jersey legend, Tim O’Connor.

Happy 25th anniversary to the first-ever backside noseblunt sequence

Boil the Ocean began its countdown of 2016’s best video parts. You already know Daniel’s Spirit Quest part made the cut. Speaking of which…

The concept of a “skate blog” is close to non-existent in 2016. Solo interviewed Dan Watson, the mind behind YouWillSoon, a notorious skate industry gossip repository that made him a certain canteen manager’s arch nemesis from roughly 2004-2008. “But I think what most people really ignored about the blog is that I think skateboarding is fucking awesome. I think skateboarding is so good. I feel like people think that skateboarding in the Olympics or Street League or something can somehow ruin skateboarding or that it’ll somehow dilute the coolness of skateboarding down to the point where it’s not going to be cool anymore. But that’s not going to happen.”

This clip is heavy on the fancy angles and lifestyle footage, but new Leo Gutman footage is new Leo Gutman footage. Assuming every spot you don’t know in this clip is out on Staten Island prob.

Russian Bob put together a sick end of the year clip with a switch front crook on the rock “ledge” next to Labor, a bunch of chill Ron Deily lines, and Eli’s switch noseslide on Forsyth that we had to fire our titles guy over this past Friday.

Non-Instagram Ruben Spelta footage + Madrid marble is a good time.

Chill best of clip from Washington Heights’ Mira Conyo squad that features a cat trying to boss up on a pitbull and the year’s most heavily-skated bondo bank-to-ledge.

iPhone video from Joey Digital w/ a bunch of B.A. cruiser footage.

#TRENDWATCH2017 (?): Early 2000s backpack rap classics? Nick Lipere’s HYD part is now live. Also, shout out to Newport Mall and EST2.

Freddy and Quim made it to Maine and now I want a lobster roll.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Skateboarders really think of everything. Little kid tricks began to pervade trick selections back in ~2013, then gained legitimacy in pro circles, and now, marginal NBA players are taking underhanded free throws. DeAndre Jordan takes his first underhanded free throw when, April?

Quote of the Week:


On this last Monday Links post of the year, I’d just like to say thank you everyone for being along for the ride in 2016 and for all of your support. Besides a bit of an update slump at the start of summer, this has probably been the best year ever on this website for content, creativity and productivity (ok, fine, we blew it on the Christmas clip.) Hope to keep it going for many chill years to come.

Out of everything, I feel like the interviews really took a turn for the better this year, which was one of the main things causing the aforementioned slump. Revisit some faves if you missed them: Ben Chadourne, Dave Caddo, Sinner, Zered Bassett, Jamal Smith, Antosh Cimoszko, J. Scott Handsdown.

Also shout out to Zach Baker for writing the best thing that has been on QS in years.

Thanks again ♥

10 Years of Quartersnacks

ten years site

On September 12, 2005, Quartersnacks began as a website to post often-average — occasionally above-average — skateboard videos. It was a place to share the jokes from yesterday’s midtown session, and a medium to talk shit about skateboarding or whatever the hell else was going on in New York at the time.

Thanks to some good luck, a lot of great friends, and above all, an odd thing called skateboarding that has grown a hundredfold in New York this past decade, we’re still here today, exactly ten years later. Still talking shit, still not particularly incredible at skating, and still having a good time :)

Thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride, told a friend about the website, or put a sticker on their board. Hopefully, we’ll still be doing some variant of the same thing in another ten years.

Oh, and sorry for not updating the spots page in five years ;)

(Alternate YouTube Link)

Have a good weekend and thanks again.

The Most Known Unknown

On September 12th, 2005, Quartersnacks.com began. Exactly five years ago.

Throughout all the design changes, the slow periods of minimal updates, barrages of inside jokes that probably annoy more people than they should, and the gradual build-up of hours and hours of video footage and thousands upon thousands of words, we hope that the site has in one way or another engaged, entertained, or informed anyone out there about this little island and its surrounding areas, which sometimes seems like it makes up the whole world if you don’t leave it every so often.

So a big thank you to everyone who visits every day, every other day, or even every week, every person that has ever left a comment, recommended the site to a friend, retweeted an update, posted a link to QS on their Facebook page, left a “Thumbs Up” on a YouTube video, or even left an un-constructive, negative comment while undermining the magic of web statistics that reveal you visit the site on a daily basis. We don’t make any money off the website — no stupid Google Adsense, no private Quartersnacks list to get into Le Bain, and no collaborations with Purple Magazine on the horizon — so all the love and support from the people who enjoy the site and spread the word about it keeps us motivated to continue running this thing.

Last but not least, thanks to any website that has ever linked to Quartersnacks, anyone who has ever been down to work on a project together, anyone who has ever submitted a clip, and anyone who has ever went out of their way to film a trick for Quartersnacks, give a constructive comment, or submit any sort of content. Because in the end, the content is what it all comes down to. In an age where the same five YouTube/Vimeo links get re-embedded on every skate-related media outlet throughout the weekly update cycle, we always try to put the effort into making things a bit more unique, interesting, and relay updates with a bit of personality attached, so it doesn’t simply look like the remaining 95-percent of sites out there. And a big thank you to all the sites out there who strive to do the same thing, and not just re-post the same old embed code, all of you (well, the few of you) keep all of us motivated to do our own thing. Without the content, there’d be nothing.

And if you read this whole thing, thank you. Thanks to Young Jeezy as well.