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Michael Phelps’ run at the Olympics — eight gold medals, seven broken world records — is unprecedented, and according to Phelps he couldn’t have done it without Young Jeezy. Phelps typically listened to the Jeezy/R. Kelly collaboration “Go Getta” before hitting the pool, which Jeezy himself doesn’t find surprising. “All my music is inspirational,” he told Rolling Stone’s Evan Serpick. “You just gotta listen to the words and get what you can get out of it.” THAT DON’T MEAN SHIT, I DON’T KNOW YOU!

Steve posted some high end art footage over at Square Films.

Visual Traveling Summer 2008 Clip. Features Billy Rohan, Charles Lamb, etc.

R.I.P to everyone’s favorite Houston Street American Apparel ad.

In case you didn’t know, the smaller ledge on Desbrosses and Greenwich Street in Tribeca has been knobbed.

Friday Night Update


I had to re-vamp some things because I got bummed on the way the site looks. Everything looks better when it leans to the left, so that whole centered thing had to get taken care of.

They are gradually beginning to put more info out there regarding the New York Skate Movie, which is now apparently know as Deathbowl to Downtown. Check out their website for some clips, trailers, photos and other info. Still no sign of a release date though.

Steve kindly updated Square Films with his first clip longer than thirty seconds in two years.

Some guy made one of the few worthwhile skateboard blogs I’ve come across. Policeinformer.blogspot.com is filled with tons of 1990s interviews from the likes of Carroll, Mariano, etc. and tons of classic photos/ads, including the best back smith ever, pictured below, and this Ryan Hickey Zoo ad. I broke out the scanner and have some stuff in the same vein coming soon.


Why Rappers Shouldn’t Have Clothing Lines.

Lakai is re-releasing the Staple with some modifications. Daniel Castillo has a pro board. Later.

Connect, Politic, Ditto

This is the earliest I’ve been up on a Saturday since probably 1995, so enjoy the update. Back to bidness..

I’ve dug up more bootlegs and b-sides from the QS vault for your viewing pleasure, and a look into the golden age of website crews. Since neither of them had footage in the last clip (due to legal obligations), here’s an early edit of Ben’s suppossed-to-be part in the pre-QS video (that obviously never happened) [Youtube / Download or stream a Quicktime file] and another early edit of Pryce’s part from the Baby Steps video by Rob Butterfield [Youtube / Download or stream a Quicktime file].

Miles Marquez: Circa 2017 (TheCobraSnake is appearantly a portal into the future)

There’s nothing more affirming of your masculinity, streed cred, or what have you than anonymously complaining on a message board when somebody at Supreme doesn’t offer you a complimentary blowjob when you buy your new pair of Dunks. Do you assholes go there to socialize with the employees or to buy things?

I randomly ran into this photo of Quim that was taken on Harrison Street in Hoboken on my computer the other day. This is essentially the worst spot in the history of spots, and it’s worth going out there just to see how horrible the ground is. I felt it should be worth sharing with the nerd population because it really is one of the best achievements in ollie history.

Why every rapper insists on “putting on” their wackass crew whenever they blow up will always be a mystery to me.

Japan evidently took my advice of trading Danny, because he seems to be continuing his modeling career over there, even though evidently, they make him get in significantly less suggestive poses.

A lesson to all you geeks who insist on doing 720 shove-its out of every trick in order to make your lines interesting.

Regarding the classic photo up top, the twenty year anniversary of this fight is coming up in eleven days, hit me up if you’re celebrating the good ol’ days.

Steve Marino has a blog. Your new #1 source of drunken New York skater photos.

Add QS on Myspace

Get at me for link trades

I Don’t Do Much

I’m still settling reformating issues so no, this isn’t a real update. Here are some links to keep you occupied. Happy New Year. Matt Mooney says him and Thando are taking over this year.

2006: A Year in the Making

Square Films made a Christmas clip.

Such A Good made a clip too. David Filchak has the opener.

Salaam Remi’s (AKA the guy who produced “Made You Look”) 40th Anniversary James Brown Mix (mp3).

The Hubba Hideout de-knobbing mission in seven minutes. Hopefully this starts a trend for all spots (coughdagparkcough).

Proof that all you need for a solid video part is some Coltrane and good style, and not switch heels down some shit in Hollywood.

The First of the Month

There is a new, short clip up for all my hustlers, rock smugglers, strugglers, block bubblers, pushers, cookers, and pot jugglers, featuring Danny Weiss (is that kid ever not falling off?), Isak Buan, Bahn E.T. and Miles Marquez. All of the footage is kind of old, but unless you’re really cool, you probably haven’t seen it. Check the video page.

The Williamsburg Bridge Bump is officially rest in peaced unless you can skate a bump to a four foot high round rail. And you probably can’t. Speaking of spots, here’s another new Battery Park spot that you’ll never get the chance to skate due to the parks department facists. View #2.

Stupid-ass Photos and Shit: 1. If you break two boards within the span of two hours on flatground tricks, you put on a couple pounds. Even legends gain weight. 2. Fuck Nike soles and hills. 3. Rest in peace to my trucks. Winter 2003 – Fall 2006. 4. You shouldn’t eat anything that glows in the dark. 5. If you’re going to skatestop a spot, do it right (it weighs about 10 pounds and isn’t fastened to the ground).

The infamous Flipmode three-stair clip.

I was told to spread the word, so if you need career advice or are looking for some of that hard work, e-mail springstmooney@yahoo.com.

Visit SevenFiveSeven.org and The Skate Kitchen.com because they show love for Zebra Cakes. Steve recently announced that Square Films is turning into a party blog.

Quote of the Week: “They don’t sell wine above 100th Street.” – Mike Gigliotti.

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