A Routine Reminder That Daewon is the Best

calvin hobbes daewon

If you spend any time on the skateboard-internet, you likely saw VII or Die’s Calvin & Hobbes parody that made the rounds last week. It’s genuinely funny and well-done, and that can’t often be said about a lot of skateboard “jokes,” especially in the meme-ified world of today.

You know how there are those stories about celebrities getting bored with having limitless access to almost any woman on earth, so they get into really weird sex stuff? Always figured Daewon was sort of the skate version of that: he’s so gifted with the ability to do absolutely anything on a skateboard, that he just opts to skate the most insane, out-of-left field shit imaginable. He’s not “weird for the sake of being weird,” as we often joke when discussing northeastern skateboarders with fine arts degrees — he’s just talented to the point that he couldn’t be bothered by any normal conceptions of spots.

Clearly, Calvin is referencing the majority of Daewon’s post-Skate More output (which, by the way, is as awesome of a technical skate part as there is, and perhaps has the tamest spot selection of any of his semi-recent parts.) Him and Hobbes incited a bit of a YouTube binge, which lead to last year’s 5-Incher part, and then ended up at his Chromeball interview. Somehow, it flew under the radar in light of rare interview subjects, Pretty Sweet gossip, and cellar door talk. It answers a lot of the questions about the aforementioned spot oddities, confirms that the majority of his footage has been filmed near his house, and reveals how he got disappointed to learn he became “the picnic table guy” in the Deca years. Yeah, it’s odd to plug a three-month-old interview, but it seems like it didn’t get as much shine as the others when it ran. Either way, dude’s the best.

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