Alltimers Presents: She’s Garbage

she;s garb bud

Fresh off a perhaps the most wonderful consign one could ever get, the physicists at Alltimers have zeroed in on the opposite side of the spectrum to celebrate the launch of their webstore and holiday collection.

Garbage — moreso than even metal curbs or cellar doors — has long been the lifeblood of skateboarding in this city of trash. It has allowed us to convert barren spaces like Tompkins, T.F. West or Astor Place into world renown institutions, sought out by visitors from across the globe who just hope to get a whiff of what half-eaten Halal food, coffee and YooHoo smells like when mixed together. Thank you garbage, for your decades-long support of this thing that we do.

Features Marisa Tomei, Cyrus Bennett, Max Palmer, Keith Denley, Kevin Tierney, Alex Olson, Torey Goodall, and too many others to run a full list down.

Clean up with some chill gear at They have Tomei cruisers. When those are gone from there, they’re gone forever.

Have a good weekend.