Winter Indie Video Round Up: Sabotage 3, Oslo 5, Home Grown, Debris, Mama’s Boys & Cosmic Vomit 2


Well, physical skate videos are not dead. Apple may have made it tougher to author them, but since when has antiquated technology stopped skaters? These are the people who pour thousands of dollars each year into repairing and maintaining a camera released in 1996. Skate videos are good for at least another 20 years.

If you need a change of pace from the two blockbuster videos that have dominated the winter, here are some of the more notable independent projects to come out in the past two months. With shops like Labor making an effort to carry more local videos, and the seemingly successful “put a few parts on YouTube but still try to sell the full video for $10”-business model, smaller videos seem to be doing alright these days.

Sabotage 3

After ten years, the presumed end of civilized skateboard society in Philadelphia has been reversed. The only difference between Love today and Love 10 years ago, is that there’s no three-stair ledge. Kids are now good enough to pretend that the planters in front of the ledges don’t exist; the higher ones are just another thing to prop a tile up to. A-list skaters are moving to Philly again (for “college”) and the Photosynthesis comparisons are apparent.

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Light Chance of Flurries

Is there any way to start conjuring up royalty money from trivia questions? Do Jeopardy subjects get hit off with a modest check to reward them for providing content for the show through their existence? Probably not, but it is the second mention this year for us in a trivia atmosphere, so it’s kind of cool. (First one was here.)

Having this set-up in your back yard is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you will never have another dull moment for the remainder of your existence on this planet, and realistically speaking, it’s not even that elaborate compared to what people have in skateparks these days.

Barely news, but there is quite literally nothing to skate at Hoboken Ledges anymore. Not that it actually matters, but this is being posted for nostalgia reasons more than anything. Or if you had some bizarre plan to go all the way to Hoboken in order to skate the fountain gap, which has been fenced off for some time, but now looks like it is fully to-be torn from the ground.

Did you know that “Kick Push” is the sixth-greatest Chicago rap song of all time?

Spotted a link to this Swedish montage on the incoming links to Quartersnacks. Even though the skating and spots are pretty cool (and Quartersnacks supports the majority of things related to Scandinavia), it deserves mention mostly because by watching it, you will learn that there are dudes out in Sweden making “Hard in the Paint” remixes. Not like the aforementioned electro remixes either, we’re talking Swedish rap here. Over Lex Luger beats… Yeah…

As the iPad and all that shit is (supposedly) changing print media, old-fashioned zines seem to be less on paper, and more digitized. Skate Jawn is an online skate zine that is laid out slideshow style, just as if it were to be paper. It features a bunch of content from people still keeping Philadelphia skateboarding alive, a Mike Maldonado appearance, and some solid photography.

That rail looks pretty mellow… Not like it might as well be vertical or anything…

Saving the best for last, and knowing that going a few months without some Quim Cardona content is never a good thing, you should check out the recently unearthed Quim and Mike Cardona 411 “Wheels of Fortune” segment. This guy is one of the most endlessly entertaining skateboarders ever, crazy style and all. It’s great to see he’s still killing it to this day. I’m sure that Manolo dude gets all sort of requests, but the world definitely needs a Quim mixtape from him. Both the above photo, and the clip were spotted at the Domestics blog, which maintained by the one and only, Jersey Dave. “Down with the hip-hop.”

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