‘Why Is Every Skater On Earth In Paris?’ — Tagging Along With the Vans Crew During [Men’s] Fashion Week

If you follow skateboarders on social media, there must have been a thought of “what the actual hell” when you scrolled through your Instagram feed last week. Every single skateboarder on the planet was in Paris. Along with their corresponding filmers and photographers. And their entourages, love interests, and a gyrating cast of stragglers.

We were invited to tag along on a series of Vans events, not in full grasp that those events were a part of a gigantic event ecosystem called “men’s fashion week.” If we’re being real, I didn’t even know men’s fashion week was a “thing,” compared to, yaknow, the two regular fashion weeks that produce womenswear — an annual $820 billion global industry compared to the measly $465 billion reigned in by the menswear industry.

Well, it is very clearly a thing.

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