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Monday links on a Tuesday. “Put the motor in the rear, hit the gas and disappear.”

Torey Goodall continues to make the case for being the best skater besides Mike Carroll and maybe Jake Johnson, while emerging as an underdog threat to Lucas Puig’s “Low Impact Skater of the Year” three-peat.

Black Dave Presents: The Selfie Ollie.

Some dudes from Metro Skateshop really stepped up the custom shaped cruiser game by affixing trucks to an Apple keyboard.

Richie Rizzo’s part in the NJ-based Nevermind video drives home the point about how good quickly-edited skateboarding looks. Pretty hard to get hyped off the crawling pace of something like this, despite absolutely insane tricks. (Dude deserves a “Nights Moves”-esque treatment like Cory Kennedy got.)

Some more Finnish dudes with a lifestyle-y “Trip to New York” clip to Miles’ “So What.” (Related: Finland’s previous entry to the 2013 summer trip to New York cycle.)

James Nickerson at Copley Square in the latest Bolts 4-5-6 clip.

A cameo from an occasional QS commenter in the new Lurk NYC montage. Skating on spots created by Houston Street construction remains a popular development for summer 2013 footage.

Saw this part on Hella Trill and thought it was pretty cool. “We don’t sleep, we just grind like skateboarders.” Are doubles with BMX riders the next frontier for New York’s cellar door skaters?

Wow, someone really missed the mark with casting a believable skatepark lurker girl for Japanese Elle.

Spot Updates: The north side of Bellevue Park on 27th Street has been closed off by a fence for reconstruction. Guess they want to renovate it for the crackheads shitting on the walls. As a result, the frontside for regular handicap ramp rail and two-stair manual pad are no longer skateable.

Fourteen years after when they should have drafted him (instead opting for the eventual victim of the best dunk of all-time, who would never play an NBA game…), the Knicks have signed Ron Artest.

Quote of the Week:

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Damn, Ron Artest…

Through the good times and the bad, Ron Artest has remained the Quartersnacks Sports Desk’s favorite New York-bred and still active NBA player. After all, Artest came up playing ball with Matt Mooney’s brother at La Salle, and correlates his defensive intensity to having seen a player get stabbed in a streetball game while growing up in Queensbridge Projects. He’s the only Laker we like — in fact, we consistently remind idiot Laker fans that he’s the only reason their team walked out of the 2010 season with another championship. We enjoyed watching him clean up his act (kinda) in Sacramento and Houston after “Malice at the Palace,” and even saw a glimmer of hope in his first post-elbowgate performance against Denver several weeks ago, even if it helped knock out our favorite first-round-out underdog team (and employer of JaVale McGee) from the playoffs.

But Ron finally took things too far. He picked up a 1*ngb**rd.

This ad promoting mental health awareness (of all things), would’ve been brilliant had it not been for the skateboard on the left hand side’s (depicted below) transformation into a 1*ngb**rd 20 seconds in. As if Ron-Ron didn’t have enough problems, adding a 1*ngb**rd to his declining stock and exorbitant liability-status among the National Basketball Association certainly doesn’t help. Perhaps he is prepping for post-NBA life, and this is an early sign of the whole “1*ngb**rding past a mid-life crisis” thing discussed in that awful Times article.

Click here to watch the commercial. We’re much too disappointed to embed it.

Also: Any suggestions for a new favorite New York-bred player?