QS Turns Lucky 13 Today …Free Stickers!

Today marks thirteen (!!!) years since the day we registered Quartersnacks.com and began this depository for observations heard on the T.F. bench, sometimes kinda o.k. skate footage, and snarky fashion week coverage a decade before the first runway show would make landfall in a New York skatepark.

Thank you to everyone who has been by our side throughout the journey: everyone who has told a friend about the site, reposted something on social media, given a suggestion that helped us be better at what we do, or asked their mom for QS gear on Christmas. We hope to still be here in some shape or form by the time some guy is lamenting Frog Skateboards and the “good old days of board graphics” in 2045. (Jk, this city will be covered with water by then.) We know there was a prolonged content slump for a good bit of 2018, but we’re back in the office grinding every day, and hopefully (!) you noticed our new haircut.

Here’s a link to the ten-year video, here’s a link to our always relevant 2011 Jake Johnson interview, here’s a link to our Quim remix that everyone seems to like, here’s a link to Meatball losing his bagel, here’s a a link to the M.N.M.F.T.B. post, and here’s a link to buy our book. That just about covers the past 13 years, but if anyone has any bits of content that particularly touched their hearts, feel free to link your fellow readers in the comments ♥

Ok, anyway, yeah free stickers.

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Call 4 Stickers

stickers spring 2015

Ever since the last run in fall 2013, “Make more stickers” has been on every start-of-the-week “to do” list I’ve made. Something about the act of approving art files is really intimidating. Sorry guys, we never have stickers…skaters love stickers. Been around for nearly ten years and this is the second time we’ve done them :(

street team

You’re never going to fulfill your my lifelong dream of joining the Hot97 street team, so QS might be the next best thing. We have about 100 stamped envelopes with sticker packs ready to go, all you need to do is email qs.stickers2015@gmail.com with your address in the e-mail body. Sorry, this is only open to the continental United States. No Canadian addresses.

That went quick. We are at way past 100 addresses right now. If your email was sent before ~2:30, you should be good. For everyone else: We’ll have spring merch going live in a few weeks, sticker packs will be included with all orders, and yes, that stuff will ship to Canada/Europe.

Open to the first 100 addresses we get. No, you won’t be getting a “shipping confirmation” — these are free stickers are you insane? (Yes, people really asked this last time.) Will put a note on the site once we receive more than 100 emails so you’re not sending your address into the dark empty abyss of Gmail.

P.S. If you see me regularly, don’t e-mail. This is for people who don’t live within thirty blocks of Tompkins.

P.P.S. Antonio got a new part out today :)

P.P.P.S. If anyone has a lead on how we could procure some Hot97 stickers for the office, please share.

Call 281-330-8004 for Free Stickers

quartersnacks stickers

Warning: Calling that number will not actually yield free stickers.

Remember being a kid, scouring the fine print of skate company ads, looking for numbers to call and leave a message for free stickers?

Considering we’ve been around for the better part of a decade, and this is the first time vinyl decals with the website’s name exist, we’re running a similar promotion. E-mail qs.stickers [@] gmail [dot] com with your mailing address, and we will ship you out a free sticker pack. This is limited to people in the United States. Sorry, Europe. (The same sticker pack will be included with every web store order when we are restocked with holiday gear in several weeks, international or otherwise.) There are a hundred stamped envelopes, so e-mails will stop being fulfilled after those run out. We’re at way over 100 requests now and running out of envelopes. Sorry to anyone who missed out. They’ll be at shops soon enough. Otherwise, you can get them with web orders or at shops that carry QS gear.

And if you see anybody involved with the site on a routine basis, be it at the T.F. or at the bar, just ask them for stickers instead of e-mailing this address. The address is for QS fans in dark corners of the country (like New Jersey and Brooklyn.)