A Year of Holmes & Co.

Jersey Mane…he walk up in the club and his chain say “goodnight!” — Photo by Jason Lecras

When you make Jersey Dave a promise to post a video clip, you keep it. Otherwise, it results in years of bad luck, as he has strange, karma-altering powers that we will never understand. This promo was filmed and edited by Justin White (with a select few contributors) to honor Jersey City’s finest skateboard sales institution, Holmes & Co., and its first full year of existence. They are located on 203 Brunswick Street in Jersey City (201 332 3322 / Shopatholmes.com), so you should definitley stop by sometime if you need a new skateboard or some fresh Polo gear for a big Friday night of popping bottles with Jersey Mane himself.

Features: Brett Abramsky, Keith Denley, Fred Gall, Alex Davis, Ty Lyons, Josh Velez, Dan V, Scotty Moore, Steve Durante, Jersey Dave, Josh Wilson, Sean Colello, German Nieves, Richie Rizzo, David Brancato, Jim Hodgson, Mike Lent, Matt Daniels, Adrian Vega, Taylor Maerker, Justin White, Tariq, Matt Christie, Aiden Granstrand, Brendan Granstrand, Joe Russo, Darren Baskinger, Dan Zvereff, Alex Olkuski, Luke Malaney, Mike Marks, Jason Lecras, Chase Whitaker, and Paul Young

Filmed by: Justin White, Paul Young, Andrew Petillo, J.P. Blair, and Tombo

Full length video (allegedly) coming soon. Alternate YouTube link.