Skateboarding With Pizza: Then & Now

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It turns out that the Slap message boards have a purpose beyond gauging imminent skate nerd critical darlings / future recipients of “Why isn’t he properly hooked up yet?!” inquiries. Slap, despite its many faults, is the internet’s leading destination for all things pertaining to Forrest Edwards. (Why isn’t he properly hooked up yet?!)

Amidst searching for a link to Edwards’ new video part (it got deleted), there was another thread with a photo of him back lipping a nine-stair handrail while holding a Little Caesar’s box. It looks like Little Caesar’s has done what many actual skate companies have been hesitant to do, and inked a long-term endorsement deal with one of skateboarding’s few genuine characters. If the prime Russell Stover product placement in the teaser for his new part is any indication of a future business relationship, then Edwards may already be two steps ahead of the entire skate industry.

In the same thread, someone posted a similar photograph of Eric Koston from over ten years ago. Given energy drink companies’ monstrous (right?) involvement with skateboarding these days, it’s odd that pizza chains haven’t approached more skaters with sponsorship opportunities. Based on a large sample size of acquaintances, pizza appears more frequently in our day-to-day skateboard activities than energy drinks, which are typically only useful for 3 A.M. drives on road trips. (“I’d drink a tall can of Monster and get through at least three states, easy.” — Marquez.) Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s, high-end spots like Grimaldi’s, and even Two Bros are missing out on a bountiful pool of endorsements.

Below is a diagram of pizza giants, and their projected corresponding skate industry equivalents.

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