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Johnny Wilson [depicted above] broke his collarbone this past weekend and needs some of your help covering his medical bills. Please donate here. He promises to post weekly video blogs again once he’s recovered jk.

Damn, the HUF store is the new hot spot in New York.

“What’d you do last night?” “Got choked up watching twenty-year-old footage of people I’ve never met before.” Manolo’s FTC remix video is I N C R E D I B L E. It’s twenty minutes long and an emotional rollercoaster that reminds you how beautiful skateboarding is, how amazing all the friends you meet in it are, and how many perfect songs have been born via “Munchies For Your Love” samples.

“Once I finished the Sideyard, I didn’t have anything else to work on. I started having ideas of stuff to do with mold-making because I was doing so much of that at work, so I started building little concrete sculptures.” — Zach Baker interviewed my favorite skater, Max Palmer. P.S. I have seven or seventeen favorite skaters.

Black Sheep Skate Shop’s second full-length video is now online.

To supplement that psychotic part Oski dropped last week, Free Skate Mag compiled a bunch of his scattered clips throughout Instagram and montages to make a summer remix. That three back 360s line omg.

Don’t apologize buddy.”

You’re doing pretty good if the biggest regret of your career is only riding for Quattro Wheels. Chromeball interview #101 is with 101 rider, Eric Koston.

Matt Velez uploaded Mark Humienik’s Sable part as a loosie as per our request :)

Here’s fifteen minutes of Walker Ryan New York raw footage, including a good bit of B-sides that weren’t in the reedit video from a couple weeks back.

The POP videos are one of our favorite (and oddly enough, most underrated) montage series coming out of Europe. Someone made a 15-minute POP remix.

Louie Lopez had to give his report card to his first shop sponsor in order to get on the team, and Pontus Alv looks through some old boxes.

Skate Muzik Episode #6 is with Peter Bici.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Ewing Theory™ for the win!

Quote of the Week: “Yo, do you wanna hear some bars?” — Slicky Boy, 2:30 A.M. on the dance floor of a China Chalet party

Be yourselves y’all. Baby you’re a firework ♥

Shout Out Capone-N-Noreaga

mariah subway

“Yoooooooo, I heard she lives off the Kosciusko J.” “Yeah, I think I saw her at Five Leaves once.” ♥

Alien Workshop’s forgotten legacy: Ass shot 360 flips.

Y’all lucky Marcus McBride ain’t ten years younger!

The clearly Bronze-inspired Bev video is a fun watch. Troy’s part is sick, and Kasper’s ender at the 23rd Street hospital is something that footage can’t really do justice to.

Video blog #210 from the Beef Patty crew and NY Times #8 from the LurkNYC crew.

If you’ve seen one skateboarder’s “Day in the Life” clip, you’ve seen them all — EXCEPT only one has footage of Daniel Lebron skating flat in it.

Muckmouth tracked down Peter Bici, Ryan Hickey and even Henry Sanchez (who was the only glaring omission from the FTC book…he’s not very talkative here though) for their endless “Where are they now?” series.

New all-Southbank “Sission” clip from the PWBC. Not as good #musicsupervision as the last installment, but there are some rad Chewy Canon lines there.

Kennedy Cantrell’s part in the Dallas-based Burnt Out video solid. He goes over a moat mid-line. Full vid here. His part is at the 28-minute mark; haven’t had a chance to watch the full video yet. “They hatin’ on us ‘cuz we out here!”

Dylan Goldberger / James has a new part out for Coda Skateboards. Is that part he had in the Prizefighter video two years ago still online? Can’t find it anywhere.

The Tumblrverse scanned Big Brother’s 1999 article about fashion and skateboarding, which explains the origin of the Bob shirt, among other things. To all you other skateboard media institutions: Dibs on a 2014 remake.

The Spectacle Theater (S 3rd Street in Williamsburg) will be playing Memory Screen on June 10th at 8 P.M. Chris Carter and Duane Pitre will be in attendance, and will hold a Q & A after the video.

This is what came of the Murray Hill spot mentioned in a post from a few weeks ago.

They’re making a documentary about Kids. On one hand, you’d like to wish that everyone would stop mining one of the most easily mineable relics of nineties nostalgia and focus elsewhere (Huf Epicly Later’d!), but on the other hand, last year’s Narratively article about the making of the film was better than the movie itself. A 90-minute version of that would probably be awesome.

New York is still sketchy if you look hard enough.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Kawhi Leonard is the Sports Desk’s new favorite non-German player over 6’3. Spurs in six?

Quote of the Week
Tufty: “We need to get beers.”
Waste: “There are 18 back at the house.”
Tufty: “That’s not enough.”
R.I.P. to the S 2nd and Havemeyer Social Club.

The new Twitter sucks. Who’s going to Future tomorrow?

The Zoo York Institute of Design

In the introduction to his interview with Zered Bassett, Chris Nieratko details how Zoo York was once a source of pride for east coast skaters. A few buyouts and a decade later, nobody sets up a Zoo board with a geographic bias in mind anymore. Even if the company completely phases out of skating, people will forever nerd out over their first three videos (Mixtape, at this point, is just as much of a hip-hop classic a la Wild Style or Style Wars as a classic skate video), and chances are, most who began skating after Zoo ceased being any sort of an east coast status symbol have seen those videos and cried about how all the spots are gone.

You can’t type “zoo york ads” into a Vimeo search bar and get any results, so a lot of younger kids won’t see the old Zoo ads. (They probably won’t see the new ones either…do kids still look at magazines?) Those ads are just as full of classic nineties east coast iconography as the original videos.

The Zoo ads throughout the nineties were “MAD HIP-HOP YO,” at a time when that meant more than leaving comments about how Lil’ Wayne sucks on every pre-2000 rap video’s YouTube page. Other companies even jocked their whole hip-hop scrapbook vibe when it was appropriate: Transworld styled article layouts for east coast skaters with Zoo’s look (see here), west coast companies would run Zoo-esque ads for their east coast riders (see here and here), and start-up east coast brands like Illuminati, Metropolitan, and Capital all had a bit of Zoo DNA in their ads. It’s unfortunate that now, even when paired with a sick photo, Zoo ads look pretty generic.

Thanks to the internet’s leading scanner-based skate sites, we gathered a handful of ads from 1994-2000 into one place. The scans are stolen from The Chrome Ball Incident, Police Informer, and

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First and First: The Nexus of the Universe

If you visit Quarter Snacks often, you have probably caught subtle references to my disconcertment with the majority of what is going on in skateboarding videos these days. Unnecessary slow motion, skits, intros, seagulls, foliage, the filmer evidently more concerned with an ample balance between his blues and greens than he is with the actual trick at hand, fancy titles — I hate it all. There are maybe two videos to come out each year that I have a compulsion to watch more than twice, so when a memorable one actually does come out, it is pretty significant.

There are three “filmmakers” in skateboarding that don’t suck: Jay Strickland, myself, and Beagle. (Justin White is kinda cool too.) The last one is responsible for what will most likely wind up as my favorite video of the year not made by Alien Workshop. Baker Has a Deathwish is dubbed as a throwaway video, but it comes off as a pretty fleshed-out product, where the skating is by no means of a lesser quality than what you would expect from a more well-promoted and hyped-up company video. Beagle makes a conscious effort to ensure the fact that his videos are actually fun to watch, and they make you want to go skate. The soundtrack is mostly retarded rap, which is always a plus in my book. The skating is evidently not the result of a tedious process in which the same bench line was re-filmed five times to filter out anything that may begin to resemble a tick-tack. (P.S. The Habitat video came out five months ago and has already aged horribly.) The basic rundown is: Lizard King is the epitome of drug-skating and actually did a trick on Hollywood High that I cared about, Ellington is back on drugs (resulting in a better part), Jim Grecco is still off drugs (resulting in a forgettable part), Spanky still skates and is still kind of good at it, Bryan Herman is the new title-holder for the best line of all time, Beagle switch firecrackered twenty stairs, Sammy Baca is very good at shortening his life-span, and Antwuan Dixon is the only person in history to pull off a good-looking nollie varial heelflip.

If you haven’t found a link for it already, here you go. Worth the purchase whenever it surfaces to DVD though. I’ll be sure to have it on my shelf with the other eight skate videos I own.
Other nonsense:

A few of the better skateboarding sites out there have had some rather New York-centric updates as of recent times…

Police Informer posted this Quim Cardona Interview from 1996, which is a little bit umm… “out there,” to say the least. But if you’ve ever wondered about the merging of skateboarding, hemp clothes, yoga, and the spirituality of dreads, then it may be a worthwhile read. Matt Field did the interview, so you should kinda know what to expect.

Bonus: Quim’s section from Real’s Non-Fiction video. This is actually the second clip from this video that I’m posting this week, and I’ve actually yet to get around to mentioning the best part in the video altogether. You should already know that, though.

48 Blocks posted an out-of-left-field Peter Bici interview. In case you were born in the 90s, Peter Bici is most famous for being the only person to ever film a line on the outside of the fountain at the Flushing Globe, and also for having the random white kid in the red fitted bopping his head behind Busta Rhymes in his Mixtape part.

The éS Game of Skate date has been announced, and it is on June 23rd. Unlike past years where it was held by Autumn and done at Tompkins Square Park, this year, KCDC is hosting it, and it is randomly going to be in the abandoned pool-turned-outdoor-concert-space at McCaren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They also spruced up their registration process, and it seems like you can no longer randomly show up five minutes before it starts and still participate. Click here for registration info and forms. I’m sure there will probably be a reminder post once it gets closer because it is still almost two months away. I have a good feeling that all the new requirements and inflexibility of the contest are going to have devastating effects on the drunken antics that have been the highlights of past years’ games.

Quote of the Week:What’s up Taji? I seen you kickin’ ill game on Youtube.” – Luis Tolentino

Also, I would like to formally apologize to all of those who I offended with the previous post, which evidently had nothing to do with skateboarding. I am only apologizing to be a good sport, but the reality of the matter is that the last post had more to do with skateboarding than the majority of the content posted on Quarter Snacks, you are just not deeply immersed into the dark underbelly of New York skateboarding, which is still blinding you with its facade of wallies and lipslides.