Shibuya Meltdown


The QS webstore relaunches this Wednesday, November 2 @ midnight New York time. Small preview of the new QS merch here. Our bud Colin Sussingham also shot a lil’ Warehouse Mondays lookbook with the boys for his Tumblr. Available in U.S. shops this week. International soon. Photo by Pat Buckley.

Honestly, every skater should have Hjalte film and edit their parts. Got more stoked watching this one he made of Jonas Skrøder than anything in recent memory.

“I didn’t know you knew about Supreme.” — Stevie Williams’ 12-year-old daughter to Stevie Williams. The Bunt’s latest one is with Stevie Williams, and covers everything from early Philly days, to the origin of the switch shove revert (unexpectedly Danny Way inspired), the first pass at Reebok skate shoes, etc. Also shout out to Stevie for calling out when skateboarding looks like rollerblading :)

“The increasingly inscrutable Daniel Kim is on some Sampson deal where his trick spread (now including switch Japan airs and a switch kickflip tailgrab) seems to grow woollier in direct relation to his hair length.” — Boil the Ocean on Spirit Quest, which includes a part from my favorite skater and frontrunner for hair of the year, Daniel Kim.

Bryce Kanights tells the story behind the photo of Sheffey and Coco Santiago doing double ollies at the Fuji Building in 1989, which is probably tied with Dimitry’s photo of Bici at World Trade for greatest skate photo shot in this city.

Still Rich Gang mixtape forever ♥ The 30 Purse crew put together an awesome five-minute New York edit to an abridged version of the song that started my day Sept 2014-prob Sept 2015. Kudos on the wide-ranging spot selection. Haven’t seen anyone skate that black marble out ledge on 30th and 1st this decade.

An interview with the guy with the voice and new Polar pro, Nick Boserio.

NY Skateboarding has a new clip and interview from filmer Declan Mulligan, who shines a light on some underrepresented corners of Long Island.

Someone found Tom Penny in Chile.

A guy named Beaver from S.D. with a chill “Summer Trip to New York” clip.

Uploaded this a few weeks ago because it vanished from the internet, but kept forgetting to link it on here: Dobbin Block’s “S.O.N” video from 2009.

“I never missed filming a session from 2000 forward because it became critical for my film and for my journey to the final level.” *Desperately awaiting intel on the New York premiere of the Todd Falcon film*

The Vancouver boys came to New York for a few days: Skate Sundays #59.

Jason Byoun skates the Financial District in 1996.

Lurker Lou is having a Card Boards show this Friday at 175 Roebling Street. 7-10 P.M. A bunch will be for sale. Flyer here. Interview about Card Boards from 2014 here.

QS Sports Desk Russell Westbrook Desk: 51-13-10. OKC-GSW can’t wait :)

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Why does everyone in Canada move to Montreal?”
Keith Henry: “Because nobody needs a job there. You find your rent on the floor.”

Heard Petey Pablo in #theclub out in Tokyo this past week, and was reminded of the far-reaching majesty of the great state of North Carolina. Congrats to the Endless Grind crew on thirty years. This one’s for you? Uh-uh. This one’s for who? Us, us, us.

‘Cause He Wear a Kufi, It Don’t Mean That He Bright

Dave Caddo — Ollie at the Forbidden Banks. Photo by Patrick Buckley.

Man, this part was so good: Ray Barbee in Can’t Stop the Firm.

“The Man Who Films” put together a new preview for a half Providence, RI / half New York video, entitled Borrowed Time. It is edited to everyone’s favorite obnoxious radio DJ’s rant about DJ Clue “winning two weeks out of 52” from earlier this year. Watch the original trailer here. *Flex Bomb* *Flex Bomb* *Flex Bomb*

Who knew that snow skates were progressing alongside skateboarding this whole time, right down to the ledge dancing and generic indie rock song montages?

There’s a new issue of the Philly-based ‘zine, Skate Jawn online. Browse through it here or pick up a copy at one of these shops. Features a Jeremy Holmes (!!!) interview, an interview with our homies who skated from Boston to New York, and a drunk vs sober skate jam at FDR.

Torey Goodall, Lucas Puig and Chewy Canon on an Adidas tour.

Hella Clips is taking a step in the right direction of becoming on par with WorldStar for its headline writing abilities with “SKATEBOARDER FALLS INTO THE OCEAN.” They need to start adding “THIS WHITEBOY CRAZY,” “SHIT JUST GOT REAL” and “OH NO THIS WRONG” to really compete though.

In the realm of less-exciting headlines: Some dudes skate around the city.

Grinding a piece of glass is undoubtedly one of the top five whitest things ever done on a skateboard. If that went the wrong way, it’d be on WorldStar for sure.

The Ride Channel uploaded a two-year-old “Free Lunch” interview segment with Billy Rohan. Some stories you’ve heard before, some you haven’t.

Instagram web profiles, in case you care.

Not a whole lot of creativity going on in skateboard magazine ads these days, so for a change of pace, you should check out this article with Stacy Peralta talking about some of the most memorable Powell-Peralta ads from the eighties.

Quote of the Week: “My girl’s been waiting on me for an hour. That don’t mean I got to leave, I just got to go outside to get service, so I can tell her to wait longer.” — Black Dave

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: DeMar DeRozen doing a reverse dunk in camo. Also, QS is in a fantasy league with Vice, Gothamist, Impose, Thrasher and a few other websites. 1/4 of the players on the QS team are already injured (Kevin Love, Steve Nash, Danny Granger and Kyle Lowry.) The only Knick on it is J.R. Smith.

The Blueprint 2 AKA the Jay-Z album from the 2000s with the highest concentration of great songs came out on this day, ten years ago. (Hence the headline.) Is the 411 Roc-A-Fella issue still online anywhere? Has he had a better song since “Hovi Baby?”