Is it Famous Ray’s? No, Original Ray’s. Famous Original Ray’s?

Never Forget 9/11/2001.

(The cover of The Post wasn’t as epic as everyone was expecting it to be today.)

Happy Birthday to First and First, also known as the Nexus of the Universe.

Even though the room tends to divide when technical wizardry, especially from younger skaters, comes up for discussion, this Almost Skateboards Youness Amrani part is certainly worth a watch. One year later, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how he did a five trick line at C.I.A. ledge with no tail on his board (with a front shove nosegrind shove-it out, of all things.)

So, the Opening Ceremony skate team looks like it’s coming closer to becoming a reality. We’ve been casting this prediction since first exiting the Mind Field premiere with Dylan Reider’s part fresh in mind. We’ll be meeting with potential clients interested in capitalizing on this website’s proficiency for trend forecasting throughout the week. APC for Altamont, and Rag & Bone for Four Star are up next, just watch.

Our good friend Adam Abada skated from Battery Park to the Bronx while filming all of the street signs that he met along the way. “NYC Arithmetic” already had the privilege of being featured on more heavily trafficked destinations like The New York Times’ “City Room” blog and Gawker, but is a cool 45 seconds in case you missed it.

The new issue of Poweredge Magazine has a New York City feature, which includes a sick photo of Rodney at that metal circle cut-out “spot” on Water Street (behind the C-Benches.)

There was hardly anything left to skate at Penn Plaza, since the restaurant built an extension on the landing space for the manual pad, but now, it’s under construction and they did away with the less noteworthy obstacles that had remained.

When you skateboard in the middle of the street, there’s a certain common expectation of how cars and buses are going to move. So it’s easy to relate to this video if you ever had a bus or a car stop short on you. And it’s also amazing that YouTube comments still find a way to turn it into an argument.

Thanks to Complex Magazine for the shout-out on the Quartersnacks cruiser board. We should probably look into getting another run of those made…

If Boston loses this series, they’ll lose to a team with an alien on it, which is absolutely inexcusable. (Pardon me, an *Academy Award winning* alien.)

For more Quartersnacks NBA coverage, follow us on Twitter, as that’s pretty much all that account is used for (at least until the season ends.)

Quote of the Week:I saw a lady fire up a crack pipe on Saint Mark’s place, right in front of Pinkberry at 11 P.M. the other night…I think we’re going to stop getting kicked out of spots pretty soon.” — Billy Rohan

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Fashion Week

For a website that doesn’t exactly excel in high-end, flip-in-flip-out maneuvers, or any sort of industry standard production values, there is still more than a handful of distinctions that we can revel in — the most three stair sets on any website, the most trendy metal grates, our status as an equal opportunity employer, our recent acquisition of Geo Moya’s contract from Osiris — but there is one thing that towers above the rest of these relatively insignificant factors, which really don’t matter in a world where difficult skateboard maneuvers reign supreme. Quartersnacks is far and away the most fashion-forward skateboard enterprise still in operation today. Our mere association with Danny Weiss puts us in another stratosphere of high fashion that Chris Cole, Torey Pudwill, and their ill-formed wardrobes could only wish to occupy in their wildest dreams or wildest clearance sale at Hot Topic. But, you know, who are they anyway?

Where we fall short in skateboarding, we come through in cutting-edge, groundbreaking collections, forever striving to break past the otherwise unavoidable flannel and Dickies combo. Here is some of our runway collection from the upcoming season in honor of Fashion’s Night Out.

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Great Movements in Athletic Fashion


After the premiere of Mind Field, the internet, and fashionable message boards set ablaze with inquiries into where exactly Dylan Reider’s (Hi Dylan!) ballerina shoes could be obtained. Thankfully, after a painful four months of looking unfashionable, Opening Ceremony Gravis is releasing THE DYLAN LO to the world.

The brilliance of the shoe is highlighted by its effortless blend of two lifestyles. It is now officially possible to kill it on the board for the day, and then kill it on the scene at night, without having to go home and change (provided that you wear your dingy deep-v and cardigan sweater full of holes out to skate during the day.) Prior to the release of this masterwork of footwear, the Vans Era was the closest thing skateboarding had to a scene-approved shoe, but those days are officially over, as these inevitably guarantee your entrance into Sway, or Beatrice (if only it was still here! Rumors are circulating that it will be opening back up and the city is providing a fine amnesty in honor of this shoe’s release.) Skateboard companies have neglected the nighttime lifestyle of their most promising athletes for much too long, and thank goodness that we have such progressive athletes providing such great synergy between the scene, and the board.


As a minor sidenote, it is troubling that these are being described as “skateable dress shoes,” when they in fact are nothing of the sort. These are clear decedents of the ballerina shoe, and not the Diamond District wingtip that has become synonymous with conceptions of dress shoes.