Hi-8 Days

Throughout the past month, NY Skateboarding has been posting Number Nine Skateboards’ 1995 video, Another Number on a part-by-part basis every week. Number Nine is the company that became Chapman later in the decade, sponsoring the likes of Billy Rohan, Jake Johnson, etc., and eventually becoming one of the most prominent skateboard production houses in the northeast.

While this site is no stranger to celebrating voyages to the past via old videos, the first few installments of Another Number weren’t as appealing as you’d expect a “lost” nineties New York skate video to be, due to the fact that over half of it is filmed in an indoor park. Unless you’re mainly concerned with what shoes skaters wore in 1995, a mostly indoor-set regional video isn’t exactly going to cue you into the environment around skateboarding in that given time. Today’s final installment drifted away from the otherwise artificially lit settings found in the remaining portions of the video, with a rarely seen part of crowd favorite, Frank Gerwer. Best of all, it is mostly filmed in Manhattan, and not a park. The ending back tail over the Burritoville double-set on 46th Street first appeared in 411 New York Metrospective, but much of the footage is otherwise seldom seen.

Check out the other parts of the video for yourself. There are some fun parts here and there. Thanks to NY Skateboarding for uploading it.