Weekend Viewing: Cyrus Bennett in Mama’s Boys

cyrus noseblunt


The crew behind Mama’s Boys finally concluded uploading parts from the video, though it feels like they might’ve left out one of the ~eight “Friends” sections. (Long skate videos would benefit the “No New Friends” mantra being repeated on urban radio waves by the Canadian rapper.) The latest upload is Cyrus’ section, the final and best one in the video, and one of the sickest parts you’ll see all year.

Those of us who only skate flat and ledges suck (i.e. hate skating in Brooklyn) continue to have a case for the difficulty of skateboarding in New York, but anyone with a wallie or cellar door gene, who still complains about how tough it is to be productive out here, really gets put to shame with this part. The entire thing is filmed in Brooklyn — save a trip to Black Hubba to ride out an almost-vertical frontside noseblunt through the kink, and maybe two or three other tricks. The ender at the brick Long Island University steps on Flatbush (same spot as Ian Reid’s ender in Lurkers 2, though he used it as a manual pad) is absolutely insane. The best enders aren’t necessarily some NBD tech dance or the gnarliest handrail; more often than not, skating a mundane spot in the most unexpected and difficult way is what stands out above all.

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