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These Magenta parodies are a burgeoning sub-genre of Vine humor.

Colin Sussingham, who photographed many of the hottest moves in Beef Patty, Paych and Horny, tells the story behind a bunch of his favorite photos for Monster Children.

Helas is the Lordz of the 2010s #TDGAFAU

Solid New York montage from the Mood NYC crew and The Man Who Films.

ICYMI: Lurk NYC is back with Volume 10 of the “New York Times” outtakes series, and Jenkem dropped a ten-minute video featurette on the making of Polar and Converse’s “Manhattan Days” video from last year.

Ron Deily and Gavin Nolan with a cold sesh at the 181st Street park this past winter.

They’re trying to build a five-story cement skatepark in Folkestone, England.

Action Bronson’s part from Life is Goodie.

“[Alien Workshop] was dying when we were making Mindfield.” — A.V.E.

Mark Gonzales uploaded a six-minute video of Jake Johnson trying switch flip backside lipslides down Black Hubba in slow motion. Is it art? It must be art.

Standard issue New York iPhone montage with a lot of L.E.S. and Columbus Park footage, which advances the sad reality that Columbus Park may now be the most popular street spot in lower Manhattan, if not Manhattan altogether. Aubrey Graham on #musicsupervision to help you cry through it :'(

Always weird to remember that people actually sometimes maybe kinda sorta read the words that are written on this website.

Late on all of this, but…got sucked into a Google wormhole of reading about ghost cities in China — urban developments intended for millions of people that ended up containing maybe ~2% of that projection. That naturally provoked the question of “why has no one done a skate trip here?” which then lead to a discovery of this two-year-old video. It’s the most eerily post-apocalyptic skate video ever.

No phrase was said more this past weekend than “It’s the Zoo York.” Film yourself listening to the video below on loop for ten hours to win a gift box from Bronze and an Uber gift certificate from Quartersnacks. Tika tika tika tika tika

A video posted by Peter Sidlauskas (@solojazz) on

Is this rail skateable if you hold the Starbucks doors open? It’s new.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: 6′ 3 / 190 pound Steph Curry boxes out 7′ / 270 pound Dwight Howard.

Quote of the Week: “The West Village is the new East Village.” — E.J

Small drop of new summer merch available in the webstore Monday, June 1. 12 A.M.

Great Movements in Athletic Fashion


After the premiere of Mind Field, the internet, and fashionable message boards set ablaze with inquiries into where exactly Dylan Reider’s (Hi Dylan!) ballerina shoes could be obtained. Thankfully, after a painful four months of looking unfashionable, Opening Ceremony Gravis is releasing THE DYLAN LO to the world.

The brilliance of the shoe is highlighted by its effortless blend of two lifestyles. It is now officially possible to kill it on the board for the day, and then kill it on the scene at night, without having to go home and change (provided that you wear your dingy deep-v and cardigan sweater full of holes out to skate during the day.) Prior to the release of this masterwork of footwear, the Vans Era was the closest thing skateboarding had to a scene-approved shoe, but those days are officially over, as these inevitably guarantee your entrance into Sway, or Beatrice (if only it was still here! Rumors are circulating that it will be opening back up and the city is providing a fine amnesty in honor of this shoe’s release.) Skateboard companies have neglected the nighttime lifestyle of their most promising athletes for much too long, and thank goodness that we have such progressive athletes providing such great synergy between the scene, and the board.


As a minor sidenote, it is troubling that these are being described as “skateable dress shoes,” when they in fact are nothing of the sort. These are clear decedents of the ballerina shoe, and not the Diamond District wingtip that has become synonymous with conceptions of dress shoes.

Mind Field: The Quarter Snacks Edit


After many rave reviews following the circulation of the video on DVD-Rs, it is finally on the internet by popular demand.

Download from Mega Upload You need to sit through about 45-seconds before the link for a regular download appears, but it should download just as quickly as the Sendspace link.

I cannot put it up on Youtube because the majority of the music on it is copyrighted by Warner Brothers, who essentially has Youtube and Google video in a chokehold and disables the audio on pretty much any remotely popular song. And since I am not going to use the old excuse of “rights are hard to get so I’m just going to edit the whole video to Animal Collective and singlehandedly the worst rap song ever since they are so down for the cause,” we opted for other, lesser known hosting sites. Once again, you are much better off simply downloading the Quicktime file of the video from the links above.

But if you insist, an embedded video is after the jump.

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PSA / Free Advertising / 3rd Mind Field Post in a Row


As of 2 P.M. today, Autumn has Mind Field DVDs for $25. There’s a good chance that they might sell out today, but if it is anything like the rush when Fully Flared came out, don’t expect them to be there all weekend.

KCDC is also supposed to have copies, but I cannot confirm that personally. Supreme will have copies in June.

The DVD itself is packaged in a book-shaped case, with a booklet inside with some polaroids and skate photographs. The best part is, the bonus features are a b-roll for every single person in the video (except Heath), and each one is about two minutes long, straight raw footage, with no music or stupid animation effects. I’m sure tons of kids will re-edit them and put them on Youtube by the end of next week. It was a pretty welcome surprise though, considering most skate videos these days do not have any bonus features besides a trailer. Most of the bonus stuff is really good, and only a notch below the stuff otherwise included in the video. Brengar’s voice has BGPs in Jake’s part as well. Van Engelen is the best.

This has nothing to do with anything, but this sucks.

Aliens & robo-toys & flashing lights & segways & beetles & of course, seagulls


Danny Weiss did not see the new Alien video, but if he did, I am sure he would have this exact list of observations:

1. Dylan has certifiably the best outfits out there. I’m not sure if it is his waxed jeans and tank-top or his ballerina shoes or just how his hair flows so freely in the breeze, but he is just so dreamy. Hi!
2. Morrisey ender parts are the best. They just add such a depth and vulnerability to the skating that is not necessarily there when you don’t skate to a song they play every sunday at Sway.
3. Flashing lights as interludes are so sick!
4. The Flipmode video is better than Mind Field.
5. Steve Berra does a good half-cab flip but Joseph Delgado could have filmed a better part in an hour.
6. The old(er) dudes are still running things in 2009. Even though most of their best parts have already passed (See here, here, or here) the older dudes are still more fun to watch than the dreamy and cute ones. Not everyone can be Carroll and be better than every single one of their teenager/early-20s teammates when they’re in their thirties. Hi Dylan!
7. Photosynthesis will always be the best video that’s not Mouse.
8. Tyler Bledsoe’s song made me want to put on a maroon deep-V and boogie. Tyler Bledsoe also sounds like a snowboarder.
9. Having “every trick be a banger” when its in New York is more of an achievement than having a “every trick is a banger” part filmed anywhere else.
10. Apparently, if you try really hard, it’s possible to switch backside flip over an apartment building.
11. Segways are the new seagulls.

DVD in stores Friday, February 6th, 2009

P.S. If you haven’t seen it, Papparlardo has a five-minute long comeback part. Skating Seaport, the Banks and Red Benches.