Happy Rihanna’s Birthday Eve!

Today is Washington’s birthday, but the queen’s 30th is tomorrow! We are going to stick to a Rihanna’s 30th resolution of no more late Monday Links posts! Ain’t none of us perfect, I hope it was worth it.

Zered Bassett’s seafood tower cruiser will be available on Alltimers.com tomorrow. They shot a quick Insta commercial for it, which you can watch here.

Jesse Alba has a chill new iPhone edit up with footage from the past couple months.

30 seconds new Gino footage from the Astoria Park and Roslyn Banks.

QS-office fave, Dave Caddo, has been been posting some outer borough gems on IG.

Somehow missed this one when it went live just over a week ago: Nick Michel, the dude who boardslid the double-rail across from the mini double-sets at Battery Park (#QSTOP10, a few weeks back) has an amazing new part up on Thrasher, which features the VX angle of trick in question plus a trick at the ride-on rail spot that’s not on the ride-on rail! Battery Park MVP 2k18.

Didn’t even know this was in the works — TWS made a documentary about Skateboarder magazine, which was the first ever skate mag. The “trailer” basically plays like the first seven minutes of the doc itself.

Muska tells the story of when him at Stevie Williams hung out with Michael Jackson at Neverland. (“C’mon man, this kid is ten years old — he don’t remember Thriller. ‘the fuck you wanna meet Michael Jackson for?”)

Mark Gonzales skates Owl’s Head Park with R.B. Umali for a Pro-Tec commercial.

Ten Person Crew Unanimously Disagrees on Meet-Up Spot.” Forever #mood.

Two more Stop Fakin’ 3 parts: D.C. Streets montage + Kevin Augustine’s part.

Old clip, new upload…Orchard’s day trip around New York for 2014’s All City Showdown to a Steely Dan classic.

Boil the Ocean has a weird one about skaters investing in things and animal enslavement. 2018 is odd.

The Bunt is back with a new Chima episode.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: J.R. Smith with a beautiful full-court…pass?

Quote of the Week: “Do you think we’d be more into Takeshi 69 if we still skated the back of Union Square?” — Pryce Holmes

In the King of Pop’s Honor (Re-Post)

Seems like an appropriate day to re-post this one. Aside from the inevitable corresponding soundtrack, highlights include the cleanest outfit in QS clip history at 2:08, and the worst-filmed Jake Johnson footage you will ever see.

Michael, Michael, Michael!” – Artest

We was sittin’ in the teacups!

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Got me working day and night


Another king gone.

You already know the drill. Dirty lenses, excessive cross dissolves, curbs, the worst filmed Jake Johnson footage you’ll ever see, Lenox Ledges, etc.

Features Miles Marquez, Ty Lyons, Matthew Mooney, Tyler Mate, Jack Greer, Tyler Tufty, DJ Roctakon, Ian Reid, Galen Dekemper, Jake Johnson, Billy Rohan, Charles Lamb, Brendan Granstrand, Snack, Justin White, Negative, Taji Ameen, Benjamin Nazario and Michael Gigliotti.

Contains cameos from Switch Michael Strobert, Thando Beschta, whores from Washington Heights and Danny Weiss.

Thanks to Justin White, Jeremy Cohan, Alex Rialdi, and Brengar for contributing footage.

There is an alternate edit of this that was unfortunately suppressed by the Quartersnacks Board of Trustees as it was declared too racist and ignorant for public disclosure. While I still feel that is not the case, it is better to keep it buried in a folder of random edits to ensure that nobody gets offended.

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