The Weatherman Said That It’s a Light Chance of Snow

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Photo Jacked From Matt Weber

R.I.P. Donald Byrd. At the very least, rap nerds can easily recognize Byrd’s music via the sample Premier chopped up for “N.Y. State of Mind” or the loop from Black Moon’s “Buck ‘Em Down.” He was also on Guru’s first Jazzmatazz compilation. Though not a skater favorite like Dave Brubeck, check out the 2002 Uprise Skateshop video, Suprise, which features two Donald Byrd songs (“Change” and “City Life”), not to mention Ryan Giese and Steve Nish appearances.

Black Dave made it. No, he really made it. B.D. will be opening up for Project Pat on Tuesday, February 26th at Santos Party House. Congratulations to B.D. on this monumental step in his career. And don’t worry, we’ll remind you about this sixty times between now and the end of the month.

Sign of the times: Skateboarder magazine will no longer come in print form.

With the demise of Gravis, Ripped Laces speculates on hypothetical Dylan Reider shoe sponsor scenarios. Skater free agency is not as fun as NBA free agency.

Slicky Boy sighting in the Stefan Janoski “Off the Grid” segment and a New Jersey-based (!!!) Jason Dill sighting in the montage from the Feelin’ Friendly video.

Speaking of Jersey, Jersey Dave got back behind the lens and made a Jersey City junk spot montage. Always fun to use the word “Jersey” three times in one sentence.

Diamond Days #66. “What’s that Chief Keef song where the hook is about his squad and there are like gunshots going off in the background?”

CNN (the news network, not the duo behind the top five all-time rap album), has an incredible set of photos by Mike Belleme showcasing the skate scene in Asheville, North Carolina. If you recall, Jake Johnson had a lot of great things to say about skateboarding in Asheville.

Hey Marc Jacobs, if you guys need consulting help on, say, simple things like putting trucks on facing the right direction, our services are available in exchange for huge suitcases of American currency.

Is this art or something? Rihanna’s song is rad, dude.

Palace eBay Watch: Ironic parody shirts now available.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Danilo Gallinari’s “[Circus] Shot of the Century.”

Quote Tweet of the Week:

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ICYMI: The Static IV teaser went online this past weekend.

Fashion Week

For a website that doesn’t exactly excel in high-end, flip-in-flip-out maneuvers, or any sort of industry standard production values, there is still more than a handful of distinctions that we can revel in — the most three stair sets on any website, the most trendy metal grates, our status as an equal opportunity employer, our recent acquisition of Geo Moya’s contract from Osiris — but there is one thing that towers above the rest of these relatively insignificant factors, which really don’t matter in a world where difficult skateboard maneuvers reign supreme. Quartersnacks is far and away the most fashion-forward skateboard enterprise still in operation today. Our mere association with Danny Weiss puts us in another stratosphere of high fashion that Chris Cole, Torey Pudwill, and their ill-formed wardrobes could only wish to occupy in their wildest dreams or wildest clearance sale at Hot Topic. But, you know, who are they anyway?

Where we fall short in skateboarding, we come through in cutting-edge, groundbreaking collections, forever striving to break past the otherwise unavoidable flannel and Dickies combo. Here is some of our runway collection from the upcoming season in honor of Fashion’s Night Out.

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