Already August


Photo via Troy

Sometimes you gotta get up and laugh it off, you know? (That girl rips btw.)

Anyone wondering when the stuff that was at T.F. on Friday will reappear, follow N.Y. Ramp Co. on Instagram for alerts. Supposedly at Tompkins once a week.

Shout out to Adidas for acknowledging that Columbus Circle is the last remaining true “plaza” in New York with their plaza-loving Suciu part. (Flushing is not a plaza spot…it takes fifteen minutes to skate to the nearest store, among other things.)

A fan remix of some reigning Q.S.S.O.T.Y. Max Palmer video blog footage.

Yo, everyone needs to get better at looking out for cars when your boy is skating some spot that leads out into the street. In the immortal words of Rob Campbell: “It might be funny when you get hit by a car, but not when you get run over by one.”

Good for a laugh: a #listicle of the worst skateparks ever built.

Maybe it’s because we’re biased on this side of the country and they’ve been running way more east coast stuff as of late, but tough to disagree that Transworld issues have somehow gotten better as they have slimmed down and print has taken a backseat to online. Skateboard Story has a good interview with Mike Fitzgerald, TWS‘ director of sales, about keeping a three-decade-old skate magazine afloat in 2015.

Life lessons learned from The Hot Chocolate Tour via SMLTalk. Ayo for yayo.

This was basically like Inside the Skater’s Studio with Donny Barley.

#girl #power. “I just like to kickflip over stuff.”

Joe Cups uploaded a bonus montage from the 2004 Lurkers 2 video to his YouTube page. R.I.P. old back of Union Square. R.I.P. Pepsi Ledge. R.I.P. to the really good metal ledge with bad ground on Duane and Hudson Streets. (He also uploaded a better quality version of Lurkers 2 itself.)

The olds v.s. the youngs — chapter 95,746: “ironic” skateboarding edition a.k.a. how these ten seconds of Seymour Skinner will never not be relevant.

Every trick done down Clipper in seven minutes.

Colin Sussingham is having a show at 2nd Nature in Bushwick on Friday. $1 prints :)

The New Yorker is really into skateboarding these days.

Big last week for New Jersey. Shout out to Paterson.

Quote of the Week: “Do you know where I can get Xanax? …or any other drugs? …is that VX? I used to skate.” — Soho Lurker

Please @ me once someone does a trick into this. Thanks ;)

The ‘Golden Age’ of the T.F.

Joe Cups screened a preview for Lurkers 3, in addition to the two previous installments at Bowery Stadium this past Friday. While the likelihood of this video eventually being finished varies depending on who you ask, it’s safe to say that its content and associated promotional materials will be kept off the internet at all costs. It should have parts from Ty Lyons, Matthew Mooney, Josh Velez, Taji Ameen, Ian Reid, Lurker Lou, and Charles Lamb (the three remaining original cast members.) If it happens, it will inevitably be a defining document for 2012, 2013, or 2020 in the same way Lurkers 1 & 2 remind us of what skateboarding in New York felt like in the early-and-mid-2000s. If you weren’t around for the golden age of the T.F., the closest you’re going to get is watching the first two Lurkers videos. The third one isn’t necessarily going to coincide with a golden era of any sort.

In turn, here is a seldom-seen preview for the second video of what may-or-may-not one day be a trilogy. (Spotted over at the library.) It features a more extensive roster list than what would end up in the final video, and a handful of other footage that was left out.