Brad Cromer — Pro-Fi Remix

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Photo via Brian Kelley’s Instagram

Late night update. Whatever, it’s Friday.

We here on QS, like much of civilized America, love to give Florida a hard time (which it most definitely deserves.) To distract ourselves from the peninsula’s many shortcomings, we oftentimes choose to remember that it has produced a large amount of absurdly talented skateboarders.

In honor of Brad Cromer finally turning pro last month, we re-edited his Lo-Fi part from early 2012. The original part was a bit on the mellower side (edit-wise), so we tried to fit as much footage as possible into three minutes, sans slow motion and all of that. Guest trick from Brendan Carroll. Brad and Jake Johnson seem tied for the best-looking Lenox Ledges line. It’s not just a little kid spot!

Congrats to Brad. Alternate Youtube link here. Have a good weekend.

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Fall Indie Video Round-Up: Stop Fakin’ Volume 2, Lo-Fi, Outdated & Secret Society

Some of these videos came out in the summer, so this post should have went up in September. Oh well, better late than never. The DVD may be closer to the end than the beginning, but dudes are still out there grinding on them. Don’t be a YouTube bandit. Support local skate scenes and buy a physical video.

Stop Fakin’ Volume 2

In 2004, the trailer for Static II boasted a section of “Philly Survivors,” a reference to a city recently depleted of the world’s most famous skate spot. (The section would be re-named “The Philly Four” in the actual video.) Why Josh Stewart, or anyone with a grip of footage from Philly circa 2004 for that matter, didn’t edit a montage to Cher’s 1998 mega hit “Do You Believe in Life After Love” is beyond anyone’s wildest guess, but that is a topic for another day. If those Static II guys were “survivors,” Stop Fakin’ 2 is a peek into a thriving post-apocalyptic world. Using D.C. as a home base, a roster of mostly unknown dudes (and Jersey Dave) comb every inch of territory between New Jersey and Virginia, filling in the spaces with Pulaski Park and footage of Love’s pink remnants. None of its skaters file under notable northeastern stereotypes (thankfully not a whole lot of highwaters, cellar doors or 200 mile trips to the Courthouse Drop), and the music supervision is gumbo of everything, making it feel like an east coast version of last year’s exceptional Sk8Mafia video. Current college applicants who won’t get accepted to their top choice school in New York can take solace in Stop Fakin’ 2, as it is good enough to make them less bummed on having to move to D.C. or Philly, in turn saving their lives from being ruined by “the party.”

Order a copy here

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