Found: Lennie Kirk

Following the Kalis Epicly Later’d series, inquiries into the present-day whereabouts of Lennie Kirk reached a high-point. To give the world some answers, Hella Clips put up a Manolo “best of” remix, and has a three part video interview coming next week.

But, anyway, not the old Seaport, the new one. That’s when shit got crazy. We didn’t really skate the Banks that much then. You seen it in the videos, Seaport was the shit back then. So we skated the Seaport, all day, every day. We would skate all night, sleep at the Seaport in the morning, like wake up on the benches, me, Brian, and Anthony. One morning we slept there, and motherfucking Lennie Kirk was there. We woke up with Lennie. Lennie praying and shit, and chanting, doing all kinds of wild shit. And that’s when it went all crazy, after Lennie Kirk showed up. Everything was wild. Everything went downhill.” — Ian Reid

Lennie had a sick part in Mind Field, too.