QS In Print: Volume 2 or 3 or Maybe 4

alex kate moss

For the dozen or so people that have once given us the antiquated suggestion of starting a printed version of Quartersnacks: There is a QS-conducted interview with Alex Olson in the March 2014 issue of Thrasher (Torey Pudwill nollie flip cover.)

Thrasher unfortunately turned down the initial pitch of asking Alex the same exact questions Playboy asked Kate Moss for their sixtieth anniversary issue (“You’ve been the dominant face of fashion for more than 20 years, right?” “27, actually.”) The only real concern with conducting this (short of it being the third time interviewing such a #controversial figure in three years) was not echoing the Jenkem interview sentiment for sentiment.

Mehring did an amazing job with the photos, all of which are in New York. The Water Street wallride below has to be one of the best New York skate photographs in years.

Scoop it from your shop before the snow buries you inside.

alex water street wallride

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