Connecticut Report — Be Easy’s ‘Decade’ Video

There is always an endearing quality to skate crews that stick together into adulthood — navigating work, family, and all the hurdles life throws in the way of linking up to watch your friend try a wallride behind a dumpster on a Saturday morning in December.

Decade is the third video from the Be Easy crew out of Sherman, Connecticut (about an hour and 45 minute drive from New York for our friends from foreign lands), concocted while the crew was reminiscing over old tapes from the VX days. The video was filmed over the past six months and dispersed with MiniDV memories celebrating a decade since their earliest projects filmed as a collective.

We’ve talked about it on here before, but it almost feels like your average New York-based crew is more likely to drive two hours to Philly for a day trip than just over the Westchester border to skate Connecticut. Videos like Decade (or 2021 favorite “Your Big Cheesecake“) do a great job of showcasing the vibrant homegrown scenes that exist in those smaller cities — places that have historically produced skaters as wide-ranging as Alexis Sablone to Brian Anderson to Jim Greco. Shout out to Alexis and Trevor Thompson’s new shop, Plush, in New Haven, where Decade premiered, too. (Somehow the first CT shop to carry QS goods!)

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