‘Yo Can You Venmo Me For The Wax?’

Gotta diversify your portfolio in 2019. Photo via John Cruz.

Skateboard Story interviewed Dew Stacks about Gang Corp.

Doubtful that anybody hasn’t watched it through at least once by now — Sour Solution II is fucking insane. Their first video was nuts, but they entered some new dimension of spots and sorcery with this one. Also, this video makes the whole “Barcelona footage is boring”-thing that people have been saying as of late just seem stupid. Then again, these ten guys are maybe the only ten guys who can skate the spots they skate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Play – Part 2” is an iPhone video by Mateo deJesus featuring Marcello + a few of the Canal dudes, and really makes you happy to remember there’s this thing called summer that happens eventually. Can’t remember the last time anyone had footage from 3030 Park since they half-remodeled it either.

Clusterfuck is a new NY/NJ/Philly full-length from Chris Benino (who made the Cleardata vid from a few months back.) Features a lot of new faces, plus they skate handrails while it’s snowing. Give it a whirl ;)

Read the headline, started laughing: Juicy J is the Josh Kalis of rap music.

Some boys from Finland put together a pretty nice “Summer Trip to New York” edit, and even made it all the way up to Yonkers :) Really here for this surge of Madonna #musicsupervision.

“Jay-Z saw the edit and was cool with it.” German fashion magazine, 032c interviewed Bill about “BLESSED” and everything else.

Two adults talking about adult skate shit… Chico Brenes chats with Tommy Guerrero about falling in love with skateboarding again, skating old school shapes, deciding to leave Chocolate, etc.

Blondey “Shorts in the Winter” McCoy and Shawn Powers build on the growing practice of skating the Banks’ exterior in “Serenity Now,” a shared part for Bronze. Shawn also has a quick video profile thing with …Manhattan Portage. (Honestly never registered the brand name of those red woven label bags until now. Content at work!)

Late to mention here, and it is more symbolic than anything, but Enid’s will be closing down at the end of March. It was the final North Brooklyn Barmuda Triangle institution still standing (Enid’s x No Name x Matchless), which aborted many day-after skate sessions before they even got started throughout the late-2000s and early-2010s. Its throne is now drunkenly held by the Bushwick Barmuda Triangle consisting of Carmelo’s x Birdy’s x Three Diamond Door. Shout out to that time Pryce and Waste held an Enid’s Christmas raffle with a chance to win a TV, and Marty won because he spent more on drinks than the TV itself costs ♥

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Steph to Giannis at All-Star, though who the hell paid any attention to the All-Star Game when you had the Sour video?

Quote of the Week
Antonio Durao: “Yo! They’re selling hoodies for a dollar!”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “You gonna buy one?”
Antonio Durao: “…no.”

Street Lottery


Is Daniel Day Lewis the first non-skater to earn “He’s good, but who cares” status? OMG OMG OMG How did everyone like the new episode of Girls?

Europeans! Frisco, out in Arnhem, The Netherlands, now has QS tees online and in-store. (We’re about to sell out of white larges on our web store, by the way.)

The Shape of Things to Come podcast has a new episode up with the governor of New Jersey, Fred Gall. It’s an hour-long chat about his skate career, travels, taxes, lighting twenty-dollar bills on fire, saving monks from a burning building, sneaking into bars, putting money on hot dog eating contests, flannels, beards, etc.

Here’s a sad photographic study of the latest T.F. box’s (“The Labor Box”) final days.

Jonathan Mehring posted up some scenic photos on the Skateboarder website from a 2006 article about spots on the New York waterfront. That Joey Pepper 5050 is nuts.

Check out this documentary about Todd Fishman, the truest of OG New York skaters. “Put your work in” and watch out for those pigeons.

This kid Derm has a sick part full of crusty New Jersey spots and an early, pre-Illmatic Nas song (things get scary in the last thirty seconds though.) The comments are bound to be full of “Where’s that spot at?” questions.

Did you guys see the Palace x Fruit of the Loom collaboration? The tees are already going for $200 on the Bay.

Juicy J made skateboards “for his hipsters.” Meek Mill, as a fellow member in the current crop of relevant rappers to make skateboards, was a year ahead of the curve.

Taji has a new web series about up and coming skaters over on the Vice site.

The new Green Diamond / Yaje Popson video will premiere at Enid’s (Manhattan & Driggs) this Saturday (the 19th) at midnight. It will also be Rob’s birthday, so buy him a beer. Flyer here. Check the new teaser here. Video goes online the next day.

The crew behind Hahafuntime.com relaunched their website.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: The Wizards beat The Thunder

Quote of the Week: “Yo, I just went to Zumiez…Zumiez is the truth!” — Overheard at Tompkins

Oh, in case you forgot — Free Band Gang: The Movie comes out tomorrow.

Who’s going to be first to get footage in a Juicy J ‘We Trippy Mane’ shirt?

In 2005, Juicy J achieved t-shirt history with his green skull tee from the “Stay Fly” video. (Sidenote: “Stay Fly” was the undisputed Song of the Year in Quartersnacks’ first year of existence, and was also featured in Flipmode 3’s first trailer, so it’s place in New-York-skate-website history is well-solidified.)

Now, in 2011, Juicy J and Lex Luger’s Rubbaband Business 2 is the frontrunner for skateboarding’s favorite mixtape of the year, and it’s ascent to popularity has coincided with a new catchphrase: “We trippy mane.”

The skull tee made a large impact in skateboarding by rap t-shirt standards, as “If You See the Police, Warn a Brother,” “Stop Snitching,” “Free Yayo,” the Jeezy Snowman, “Hi Hater,” and other hood favorites failed to make their way into skateboarding culture (the Wu-Tang “W” is the only shirt to have a longstanding impact.)

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