Five Favorite 411VM Parts with Josh Friedberg


Via Josh Friedberg on Instagram. For any people ready to type up “What about so-and-so’s section?!”-comments, above is what the list looked like. The rule is we can only feature five though :(

The last edition of “Five Favorite Parts” wasn’t far off, but it was a bit more abbreviated that we would have liked. To switch things up (i.e. get someone talking about a part that isn’t Gonz or Guy), we went to the production side of things.

If anyone doesn’t know, Josh Friedberg was one of the principal creators of 411 Video Magazine, in addition to a one-time New Deal / 60/40 / People Skateboards teamrider. 411 was skateboarding’s first non-paper content mill. It laid the foundation for the sort of content you see populating the Hella Clips page each day, and did so regularly in the analog era, which sounds insane given the technological resources we have available today. Day in the lifes, Video Check Outs / Mag Minutes, tour articles, SKATE *Insert City Here* on the Ride Channel — all of these things have a big chunk of 411 in their DNA, in that it was first to take these concepts out of the printed page and into video form.

We limited the selections Josh could make to 411 sections. Here are the stories behind five of them.

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