Finally — Lurkers 3


Should’ve brought white pants on the shoot that day…

Three years after insisting that This Is Not The Lurkers Video was not the new Lurkers video, Joe Cups followed through on his claim and dropped the official, third installment to the most beloved New York video franchise of the 2000s.

Much of the original cast members drop by for cameos throughout the video, but the bulk of the parts come from Vicious Cycle cult hero Zeb Weisman, Spring Street Mooney, Elijah “Banned in Boston” Cole, Lurker Lou in the post-ruining skateboarding arc of his career, and the skater formerly known as Djosh with the ender.

Cameos from a whole bunch of others. Filmed/edited by Joe Gallagher.

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This Is NOT The New Lurkers Video

It’s *not* Lurkers 3, but it is the third piece to the early-2000s’ most lovable white New York skateboarder video franchise. Contributions from Tron Jenkins and the guy who skates in sweatpants while holding a Pepsi, not to mention Mooney’s first official post-jail footage (it was recently discovered that Mooney didn’t know the difference between ordering hot and cold coffee, so he recently forfeited his white side), help it be slightly less white than its predecessor, Lurkers 2. There are no more Flushing sessions, T.F. antics, or trips to P.S. 6 in Staten Island. Instead, there are trips to Barcelona, mad cutty Brooklyn spots, and fun times at the Supreme L.A. bowl. A lot changes in eight years, doesn’t it?

Features Charles Lamb, Ty Lyons, Matthew Mooney, Josh Velez A.K.A. Josh Veledge, Ritch Swain, Mat Terwilliger, Taji Ameen, Lurker Lou, Pryce Holmes, Ted Barrow (all-Lenox Ledges comeback part by the end of 2012?), Alex Olson, Mike Gigliotti, Miles Marquez, Dave Caddo, Ian Reid, Sasha Lamb and a bunch of other lurkers. Edited by Joey Gallagher.

Lurkers 3 is on schedule for release in summer 2032.

And no, the spot at 1:03 isn’t around anymore.