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“Without that skater/photographer communication, you have no choice but to sit and wait for the photo to show itself. It felt like I had photographed a wild leopard in the jungle.” Bobby Worrest — 360 flip noseslide. Photo by Jeff Comber. Head over to King skate mag for the full blurb.

*First great video part of 2019 alert* The scientists at Palace realized they needed some young blood on the team and got Heitor Da Silva (alum from the same Swedish skate school as Oski) onboard. He has an awesome new Adidas part out right now (that backside flip, switch frontside flip line…), and an interview about his journey from Brazil to Norway to The Triangle™ over on Grey. Could have probably dug a bit deeper on the song, but oh well.

Know a few people who would die happy after skating this spot for an hour.

Me, you, and Cyrus Bennett have the same favorite skateboarder. Hint: he skates more than everyone, for longer than everyone, is older than everyone, and is more oblivious to what’s going on in skateboarding that everyone.

Jake Johnson gave Dickies a tour of his hometown D.I.Y. spot in State College, PA + skated his backyard mini-ramp with a handful of special guests.

Skating is easy for Pat Gallaher.

Traffic scanned a 2005 TWS article about a D.I.Y. tour they did in Hartford, Albany, Rochester, Akron and Pittsburgh back in the early days of the company, with words from Ricky, and a bunch of rad photos. Never knew they were the architects behind that still-running Albany bank-to-ledge. #respect.

Jimmy Marketti uploaded uploaded an old edit of some Rob Campbell footage from 2005. The rollaway on the frontside wallride at the Banks is hall of fame.

The Village Psychic guys like Borough Hall a lot A.K.A. they made a video of all their 2018 iPhone footage. They look high, but when the hell were those plastic orange blocks there?

Not sure how to feel about this… A skateboarder at Le Dome was the main tipster to unraveling the biggest art heist in a generation ;)

Wow. Quite literally, “sorry I didn’t say hi.”

Spot Updates: Not the most oft-skated spot these days (unless you’re winding up there after getting kicked out of Bigscreen or something), but there’s not much to skate at Penn Plaza anymore, as the building put astro turf all over the upper portion of the spot.

Winter #TBT: The Brownsville igloo from ~2011.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Giannis just doing what we all feel…except maybe if you’re a Rockets fan.

Quote of the Week: “I was back at the hotel in bed watching everyone’s Instagram stories…just thinking ‘we’re all so fucking stupid.'” — Pryce Holmes

125th Street & Black Donald Trump Boulevard

Quartersnacks will soon begin petitioning the city in hopes of changing the Harlem stretch of Seventh Avenue from Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, to Black Donald Trump Boulevard, similar to a ten-year-old HBO initiative of renaming Crossbay Boulevard in Howard Beach to Tupac Shakur Boulevard.

Congratulations to the crew at KCDC on their ten years of business. The shop was featured in the Times this past weekend. The article is kind of corny, but non-corny mainstream media articles about skateboarding are few and far between.

Flushing, Queens, home of the largest post-Hurricane Irene sidewalk bump.

Leo Gutman is one of the best skateboarders in New York. Here’s a sick photo of him doing a frontside 180.

Roctakon was nominated for a Paper magazine “Nightlife Award.” He has a better 360 flip than anyone else nominated for the “Best DJ” category, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t win.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade, fool.” Early footage of Loose Trucks Max, cameos from Young M Dot Davis, and other clips of interest.

Some scans of a circa 2001 Mass Appeal article about Supreme. The bandana boards and Autumn’s Bradley “Demon Child” shirt are the two New York skate shop artifacts most in need of a re-issue.

Random Footage Bits: “Made in America” by Two Hawks Young, Richmond, VA crew ripping around the city (includes what’s probably the first non-rollerblade trick on that black kinked rail between Battery Park and Battery Park City.)

Below is a compilation clip of largely unreleased footage filmed by Jimmy Marketti throughout the past few years. Features a high volume of noteworthy New York skateboard personalities. And Shawn Powers engaging in a one-sided conversation with an inanimate object.

It’s strange that Brandon Westgate didn’t include YC and Future in his “Top 5 Bands” section for his Focus 10 Top 5’s.

!!!12th & A Update!!!: It’s not “completely done for,” as many have said, just closed for an undetermined amount of time while they figure some things out. Go skate a “real” spot.

Quote of the Week: “Ty, do you think Supreme would be down to put an ATM in front of the shop?” — Fat Billy From Spring Street

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Why go to a fine restaurant, when you can just stick something in the microwave? Why go to the park and fly a kite, when you can just pop a pill?

If you did not spend at least ninety percent of your free moments contained within this last weekend outdoors, you truly blew it. These are the last days of perfectly magical weather, so enjoy every potential morsel of it while it lasts, because sixty-two degree evenings (probably) aren’t coming back for another six months.

You’ve definitely seen Shaggy around Astor and Union Square for many years, he is a very distinctive character. He’s one of those dudes who has been around forever, and was responsible for some posters at the Banks that upset Ryan Hickey, Mike Hernandez, and others back in the nineties (apparently, there is no photographic documentation of these posters.) He wrote this quick article for Blackbook Magazine about working in the mailroom at Hearst Magazines, and moonlighting as a prominent Union Square skateboard personality. Also, last month, The New York Times did a profile on him and his life-long hobby of writing letters to the editors of various magazines (you may have caught them in Slap back when it was still in print.)

Jimmy Marketti put together this footage reel that covers the past few years. It has no order to it whatsoever, just a random batch of footage. Features Rob Campbell, Taji, Black Dave, and others.

There’s a gorgeous new marble ledge spot on 29th Street. Two backside for regular ledges extending past handicap ramps, two frontside for regular ledges extending way out over sets of three stairs. It’s not in front of a security window, but it will be. And no, this isn’t blowing anything up, because it’ll be a bust by the end of the week, if it isn’t already. Go have fun while you can.

Rob Harris interview via TheseVideoDays.

Here’s a quick edit from the Vans space out in Greenpoint. There is no real reason to go there until the temperature drops a solid twenty degrees. It’s too early to succumb to watching indoor footage, but go for it if you want to check the space out. The song jams though.

“Queens Finest” video via Steve Marino. This premiered back at the Queens Museum of Art event before the Maloof Money Cup back in June. Great montage, even though rap instrumental parts aren’t the best of looks. Play the original song with the lyrics over it and you’ll be good. “…while I be sippin’ gin straight in a plastic cup…”

Even though the Baracka Flaka Flames video is the ignorant viral hit of the week, the “I Go Hard *When* I Paint” video from the summer is vastly underrated.

Quote of the Week:Do you want to buy a Darkstar helmet for $15? It’s $150 online, you can check.” – Bleeker Street Junkie

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Thursday Night Footage Round-Up

A lot of big things happened today — Bridgeport got shook by a massive thunderstorm, soccer goons got a 48 hour head start on drinking for Saturday’s game, Beanie Sigel tried to attract attention to himself once again by dissing Jay-Z (and mentioning that he will slap Drake if they ever happen to be in the same room, which would be absolutely priceless footage, but like 98% of things that rappers say, it’ll never happen), etc. But none of that is going to be discussed here.

So, before you’re off to celebrate the 80-percent completion of the work week with a cold Peroni, a password (JUST KIDDING!), and an impending hangover, here is a round-up of several entertainment bits discovered on the internet in the past several days. Also, make sure to punch that one token friend you have in the face. You know, the asshole that slept outside for a cell phone last night and won’t stop talking about it for the next week. Copping a Nextel for the summer.

The most important thing comes first.

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