Weekend Viewing: A Video Called “Video.”

It looks like a lot more people have been serving Jerry Duty in some shape or form (“The act of riding around with Mraz and looking out while he creates masterpieces.” — Lurker Lou, in regards to a fit punishment for crimes like this.) There are a lot of quick-crete spots in New York now. This new straight-to-Vimeo release by John Wilson has like sixty or eighty of them. It solves the mystery of why that awful median curved ledge over cobblestones on the way to Three-Up Three-Down via Canal Street is waxed (see 8:39.)

The last part is edited to a 1970s Dizzy Gillespie song that has been in the “maybe one day this could work great for a skate edit” pile for years. Use an Akinyele / Large Professor sample source (Fun Fact: Vagina Diner is Noreaga’s vote for the greatest rap album of all time), end your part off with a pop shove-it, and win.

Have a good weekend.

Featuring Pat Galloway, Paul Tucci, Andrew Wilson, Dylan James, Mitchell Wilson, Sloan Palder, Kevin Sanders, Jordan Gesko, Big Zachy Gesko, John Gardner, Kevin Winters, Jt Gleason, Cole Geragi, Nik Stain, Conor Prunty, Brad Hendrickson, Eric Elliot, Bill Pierce, Ja Burton, Riot Chris, Phil Jackson, Fritz Mead, Paul Coots, TJ Larsen, Corey Rubin (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and Colin Sussingham
Filmed by Johnny Wilson
Filmed on vx1000 and Canon 310xl
Filmed in the North East
Filmed from Sept. ’11 to June ’12