Sixth Anniversary Links

Photo by Gigliotti the Great

Quartersnacks turns six today. Thanks to everyone for their support, visits, spreading the word, following us on Twitter, adding us on Facebook, or whatever else. It means a lot, thank you. Here are our first four clips from the fall of 2005: September / premiere clip, October, November (Juelz Santana was a really big deal in 2005), December / Christmas.

The Chrome Ball Incident posted up scans of a Skateboarder article by Mike O’Meally about 9/11, in addition to a few other relevant things.

Here’s a cool skate / music video by Jay Maldonado from what looks like the mid-2000s. Features plenty of trademark New York antics. Spotted Via Hella-Trill.

Digi-Cam Clips: Late pass on the latest installment of Diamond Days, and the homies from Vancouver shredding to some modern day loverman ballads (The-Dream > The Weeknd.)

Dylan Rieder discovers another really high thing to skate at the Seaport. Hopefully, this new shoe coincides with a new video part.

Last week, there was a bit of confusion about how to skate a new bump in Fort Greene that sprouted about after Hurricane Irene. This photo of Piro Sierra and the subsequent words should explain everything perfectly. The people whose house it’s in front of probably had a fun week yelling at skateboarders.

How exactly is Los Angeles the best city for skateboarding? Historically, weather and industry-wise, yes, obviously. New York doesn’t belong in the top three either (we’re willing to trade ten of our spots for an unknobbed version of that Chinatown Ledge though), but it seems like everyone who comes back from L.A. in 2011 says they only skated Stoner Park during their visit.

Lows are beginning to hit the fifties this week, which means fall is officially here. Buy some hoodies.

Projections on a $30,000+ pricetag for the Alex Olson x Dylan Rieder Charity Shirt were way off, because it only sold for $41. That’s enough for maybe five beers.

Quote of the Week: Alex Olson Fashion Week Tweets

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