“Honestly, I can’t stand when women tell stories, it makes my balls itch.”

“It’s just a bunch of words, with no plot, no middle, no end, and they’re always angry.”

Monday links on a Tuesday. The lack of hail outside is much appreciated.

If you are from, or have friends from Queens, you’ve known this for some time, but the Globe is officially skateable again. The fences are gone, and everything’s just like it always was. The ledges were sandblasted, but that is a small price to pay. The strip before the main extension, the extension itself, and the grate gap are the only things that have been re-waxed and broken in again. Hit the dollar store, buy a few candles, and take the trip out here before the cold gets too intense.

Want to see something crazy? Here’s a picture of Billy and the King of the Trill.

Speaking of Queens, and the word “trill,” the Flipmode franchise affiliated Tumblr, Hella Trill is back in full swing with regular updates. Skateboarding clips with some damn Wes Montgomery on the soundtrack, that’s something you can’t knock. (P.S. Wes Montgomery was as trill as someone could ever get.)

All of the people involved with this website collectively see Danny Weiss on a skateboard maybe twice a year. We have even taken steps to disown him, and prevent him from sucking up any more of the roster’s precious cap space. Lets put it like this: Take everyone you know who skateboards, think of every excuse they have ever given to you for not wanting to go skateboarding, combine them, and you will STILL not even be near the amount of excuses Danny Weiss has given all of us for bitching out of a session. Yet, somehow, someway, he decides to leave his house, and go skating with some European dudes, while avoiding all of those who have put up with all of his nonsense these past ten years. The guy is the true definition of a bum. I miss the Weiss that was set on telling the world that 50 Cent was the future.

While the tricks on the block of ice have received the most publicity after the release of Lakai’s new Nick Jensen commercial, that backside powerslide, no push thing between the two street gaps is the skateboard line nuance of the year.

Here’s a quick homie video via the Jaundice crew of some footage from this past summer and fall. Set to Cameron’s re-working of G. Dep’s classic title track anthem.

Open Skateboards’ Union Update Video – Volume 1.

Both of the the past two video links feature footage of the community pool park on Houston and Pitt Street, which has always been an insane bust anytime you set in there with a skateboard. And that amounts to visual evidence that people have been known to get lucky with some time there.

This has been on every other website, but check out this Keenan Milton video part mash-up if you already haven’t. Whoever edited it most likely went through some painstaking hours of finding applicable skate trick sounds to fill in for the stripped soundtracks.

Recently, while Googling “quartersnacks” in order to find something from several years ago, I stumbled on an old Skate Perception thread denouncing the audacity of this site for re-editing Mind Field last year. While there were very few advocates of the re-edit there, there were two responses that are absolutely brilliant and heartwarming.

Quote of the Week:I’m on the back cover, but it’s a Japanese magazine, and in Japan they read things from right to left, so it’s basically like I’m on the front cover.” – Marquez

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Monday Night Hyperlinks

Some things to keep you busy while wading through this unpredicted rain and preparations for the remaining portions of beloved fashion week.

There are a whole lot of flip cam videos on the list for the week, so we’ll just throw them into one long-winding list. Hopefully, the arrival of more innovative pieces of glass will take up a sizable market share of the acceptable skateboard video production equipment. (Spotted via RE1000.)

– The roster comes first, so here is Mooney’s flip cam video featuring a golden era of New Orleans rap soundtrack, him shooting bottle rockets into Elizabeth Street, and skatepark footage.

– Westchester County’s Second Nature Skateshop grabbed a bunch of Dusty Fingers compilations and edited them alongside a solid six-and-a-half-minute-long montage of their team. Features Burton Smith and Brian Brown cameos.

A quick digi cam video from New Jersey via the Jaundice Crew / Adam Abada.

– A clip of Yaje and some others skating around places that admirably aren’t 12th and A. This one doesn’t seem to have been filmed on an iPhone, which is probably why it involves actual skate spots. Hollywood skates to the “Pretty Boy Swag” remix, which seems to have taken the title of “song of the summer,” neglecting the fact that nobody really listens to it past the 1:20 mark. Other skateboard related pretty-boy-swagisms.

The Pryce Holmes Super 8 reel.

Ethnically-themed skateboard companies are usually hit-or-miss, seeing as how they can be either the second or third greatest skate company of all-time (I know there are white people on it, shut up), or a bunch of closet white supremacists, but either way, Quartersnacks backs any company that backs Joseph Delgado.

Rob Campbell skates the Banks uphill in his latest Airspeed shoes commercial.

Even though everyone has seen this Japanese Jason Dill video interview by now, he touches upon a very valuable point in it: destroying property. Something so crucial to skateboarding’s heart is doing just that, and it will never be replicated by the Bronx park, the new Westside Highway park, or the Astoria park.

Full Bleed seems to have reached the upper echelons of attention within the journalistic world, because it got a brief feature from The New Yorker.

Element got Danny Barley back on board. If you need a reminder of his status as one of the most well-versed individuals in the art of skating in the middle of street, please watch this. (The picture quality is unfortunately, pretty awful.)

The most important news of the day: Roctakon is on Twitter.

Quote of the Week:Yo! This is like, my FAVORITE song of ALL-TIME!” – Sketchy-looking white dude from Yonkers who walked into Supreme while this song was playing

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