Starting a New Skateboard Magazine and Other Radical Acts of Love

📝 Words by Mike Munzenrider
🎨 Collage by Francesco Pini

Skateboarder magazine ended in late 2013, but according to its longtime editor, anxiety about the magazine’s viability was present a decade prior. “Even in the early Skateboarder days — the mid-2000s — there were signs that magazines could be in trouble in the coming years. You had to switch gears and do everything you could to keep it going,” says Jaime Owens, who, following Skateboarder’s demise, became editor of Transworld Skateboarding. Transworld, of course, which published continuously from 1983 through 2019, now lives on as a web-only operation, due to its mix of 1.6 million Instagram followers and 400,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Five Favorite Parts with Ariana Spencer

📝 Interview by Farran Golding
📷 Photo by Jamie Owens

April is one of those rare months where we’re throwing out two editions of Five Faves (Elijah Odom‘s ran earlier this month) on account of us missing March ;)

The past few Foundation videos have ignited a conversation (consensus?) about how to successfully refresh a legacy skate brand. Rather than lean into formulas that worked in years past, Splendor and Whippersnappers were both exciting projects with firm footing in the moment. In that crop of new faces, Ariana Spencer has stood out each time with contagiously fun footage — so we reached out for a list of inspirations. (Ariana has a full interview in the latest issue of Closer as well. Shout out to Jamie for the photo.)

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