It’s Pickle Time — The New Alltimers Video

its pickle time

With a conceptual video that pre-dated skateboarding’s current draw to trash by a year and a co-sign from the *the god Marissa Tomei* now far behind them, the Alltimers thinktank presents their latest: “It’s Pickle Time.”

Features an opening shared part from a trio of Canadian hearthrobs / Squad Massage alumni — artist and psychoanalyst extraordinaire, Charles Rivard + the sweet-faced Dustin Henry + legendary Canadian battle rap prodigy, Ben Blundell. And it ends with none other than Andrew Wilson, who’s shattered the record for most consecutive QS headliner image appearances (previous record was 1), and had one hell of a year.

Also: Travis Porter is a national treasure.

The Alltimers webstore just re-opened with holiday goods that would make great gifts for your loved ones …yes that includes the *BEST* skateboard to ever exist.

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